Military Product Development:

Lee-Dickens Ltd

In the early 1970s we supplied our first equipment to military requirements. Since then our engineering department has grown into a team of hardware and software design engineers with many years experience. We pride ourselves in being able to produce equipment to satisfy our military customer's requirements and continued development of our industrial products provides an ideal base for developing equipment to the high technological, performance and quality standards required by the MoD.

The first equipment developed for military use dates back to 1970 and was accepted following modifications to standard industrial designs. Since then we have developed and manufactured a wide range of electronic modules, equipment and systems in conjunction with our customers engineering staff. The equipment has been subjected to the stringent environmental and EMC tests that are necessary before it can be used in submarines and surface ships and has given reliable service under arduous operational conditions.

Major customers for Military equipment include: BAe Systems (Barrow), Rolls Royce plc and the Ministry of Defence directly. We have also supplied equipment to the majority of the companies in the British Shipbuilders Warships Division.Military equipment

Product Support
All of our equipment is designed and manufactured to the high standards demanded by the MoD and we recognise the importance of long term repair and spares facilities. Our factory based test department is equipped to offer a full refurbishment repair and test facility for the equipment which we have supplied, and our spares department adequate logistic support which minimise customer spares requirements.

In the early 1970s our quality control system was approved to MOD 05-21 and subsequently AQAP 1 & 13. In August 1994 the AQAP 1 & 13 registration expired and we are now registered with the BSI and accredited to: BS EN ISO9001 and the software requirement ISO9003:Tick-IT

The scope of the registration is as follows: Design, Manufacture, Support and Repair of Industrial and Military Electronic Process Instrumentation, Telemetry and SCADA Equipment and Systems The following categories give some idea of the type of systems, equipment and services that we have supplied in the past:

Position Monitoring:
Pitch angle; rate of change of pitch and depth; mast extension; torpedo tube shutter; shaft movement and machinery constant position raft.

Level Monitoring:
Reactor feed and coolant water; lubricating oil; periscope well; ballast and fuel tank contents.

Temperature Monitoring:
Reactor feed and coolant water; main and auxiliary machinery spaces; gearbox shaft and machinery bearings; sonar coolant; weapons systems; munitions storage spaces; life support systems and environmental conditions.

Alarm Systems:
Main and auxiliary machinery flood; weapons alarm line; reactor control monitoring; local and group warning with ISIS interface.

General Equipment:
Signal Conditioning equipment for temperature, pressure, level and flow transducers. Signal isolation amplifiers; power supplies; alarm system modules; rpm monitoring and display; motor power and current consumption; thermocouple and RTB head amplifiers; relative humidity monitoring and control equipment.

Design, Development and Testing of electrical and electronic systems, equipment and modules to meet a customer specification.

Development of existing equipment to meet upgraded specifications.

Draughting services to MoD approved standards.

Manufacture, inspection and test of systems and equipment developed in-house of by other defence sub-contractors.

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