CompactPCI Form Factors


This article will examine the CompactPCI form factors, a proven solution for rugged, military systems ranging from aircraft to command and control.

CompactPCI Form Factors

CompactPCI is a PICMG® standard for PCI-based industrial computers and is established as a reliable, tested solution for military systems. It combines a large bandwidth with a sturdy, long-lived design in a standard, economical, modular design for military applications ranging from land vehicles to aircraft and command systems. CompactPCI is a proven, rugged technology, which enables numerous Gigabit Ethernet connections.

CompactPCI boards offer impressive processing power and input/output capabilities in a well-tested, compact, rugged and scalable Eurocard form factor. CompactPCI boards are available in both 6U and 3U form factors with up-to-date dual- and quad-core high-spec architectures and recognised interface technologies such as Serial ATA and Gigabit Ethernet. The CompactPCI form factors provide an ideal solution for military hardware, featuring outstanding performance, effective system management technology and state-of-the-art temperature management by air or conduction cooling.

Rugged Computing Solutions

CompactPCI offers a PICMG 2.9-compliant Intelligent Management Platform Interface (IPMI) in order to fulfill the requirement for high availability solutions. This allows users and developers to add extra blades for upgrades in the future. The system is especially flexible due to the combination of a large number of built-in features in a compact form factor including memory, rear I/O ports and network slots.

For military applications, CompactPCI offers a choice of 32- and 64-bit bus in the compact 3U form-factor. Another reason for choosing CompactPCI is the comprehensive development tools and programming environment enabling real-time and traditional operating systems to be used and the fact that developers can leverage an extensive range of existing hardware and software solutions. Backplane Input/Output ports are also an important benefit in military equipment that must survive vigorous vibrations and shocks.

Military Ground Vehicles

Kontron's 3U and 6U CompactPCI boards and systems offer a rugged computing solutions - perfect for military applications. One of Kontron's 6U CompactPCI boards has recently been selected for a military project in which it will handle voice and data transmissions for land vehicles.

The systems must cope with challenging demand for protocol support and must function reliably during extreme temperatures, vibrations and shocks.

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