Rugged COTS boards, modules and systems for Military Applications

Kontron is a leading supplier of embedded computing technology for the military markets. The company offer rugged, state-of-the-art COTS computing boards, modules and systems, together with tech-support and project management for the world's largest defence contractors and agencies.

Kontron's range of COTS rugged computing boards, modules and systems include:

COTS Computer Hardware

Kontron has gained experience over many years in the development of commercial off-the-shelf products for rugged, military applications. Kontron is dedicated to the supply of innovative technical solutions to the specialist challenges of rugged military systems.

The success of Kontron's off-the-shelf solutions allows the company to exploit appropriate models and technologies for even the most sensitive of military systems. Kontron has a broad product base and adheres rigorously to the relevant hardware standards so military clients can be confident that the systems will meet their most exacting requirements irrespective of the chosen architecture. Kontron works to military specifications on a daily basis. The company has developed well-defined processes for the majority of military requirements, encompassing all areas of development from initial specifications to component choice and approval by specific targets and reviews.

Kontron provides:

  • Reduced expenditure and time to market due to high-volume system and module designs.
  • Rugged designs certified to high standards for seamless system integration
  • Partnerships with leading developers such as Intel, Wind River and Freescale, enabling Kontron to deliver the newest technological innovations.
  • Specialist military development groups all around the world.

Rugged Technology

Circuit boards, platforms and systems operating in a military environment must function at temperatures as low as -40 ºC or as high as +85 ºC. The systems must also survive severe vibrations and shocks along with humid climates and other environmental demands. In order to offer reliable solutions for all these climates, Kontron supplies a range of ruggedisation classes from standard air-cooled, with or without conformal coating up to rugged air or conduction-cooled versions.

Kontron employs many techniques to ensue appropriate levels of ruggedisation, starting with the choice of components, and also including board layout and signal integrity control. Kontron also supports the ANSI/VITA 47 standards for easy integration of their products into military systems.

Lifecycle and Obsolescence Management

Kontron offers a long term repair and supply scheme starting from initial designs and continuing though the choice of embedded components. These factors are highly important due to the lifecycle requirements of military projects, which often exceed the availability of consumer hardware.

The company monitor their products for component obsolescence during the General Availability of the product. Before the hardware moves to Restricted Availability, clients are advised on the broad collection of services planned to safeguard their investments.

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