KITCO Fiber Optics Awarded Training Contract by Northrop Grumman

KITCO Fiber Optics

This contract award extends the unique partnership that Newport News and KITCO have forged over the past several years: Northrop Grumman Newport News has the responsibility of providing superior workmanship when installing fiber optics onboard ships delivered to the U.S. Navy, while KITCO is responsible for providing the appropriate training to fleet sailors.

Through an exclusive Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) to provide Fiber Optic Maintenance Technician training to fleet sailors, KITCO ensures that the Navy can maintain the fiber optic systems designed and installed by Newport News and other shipyards. This partnership provides our instructors with hands-on experience in actual construction practices and procedures that cannot be replicated by any other training organization.

Since its inception over 13 years ago, KITCO has been a major fiber optic resource for the U.S. Navy and its suppliers. During that time, KITCO has worked with the Navy to design and manufacture products and services that meet stringent military specifications. KITCO provides fiber optic termination kits and many other fiber optic products specified by the Navy for shipboard use, and is one of a limited number of companies approved by the Navy to assemble and sell the multi-terminus connectors used for shipboard applications.

KITCO also serves as the Navy’s sole shipboard fiber optic trainer, and over the last decade KITCO instructors have spent thousands of hours aboard more than 200 U.S. Navy ships and submarines, working with shipyard and Navy personnel, terminating fiber and testing fiber optic topologies. Utilizing this experience and training, KITCO provides the only commercially available shipboard training course that teaches fiber principles in strict adherence to Navy standards.

KITCO Fiber Optics is a leading provider of fiber optic connectorization products, training and consulting services to the military and commercial communications industry. We specialize in the design and fabrication of fiber optic tools, tool kits and custom cable assemblies; producing private label kits for a number of major connector manufacturers and selling our own broad line of commercial and military products.

We develop curriculum and provide commercial and military training worldwide, and serve as the U.S. Navy’s sole shipboard fiber optic trainer. Our highly skilled field services team can respond to your fiber optic requirements anytime, anywhere – rapidly providing the best solutions for overcoming system problems or delays.

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