KITCO Fiber Optics

KITCO Fiber Optics is a leading provider of military fiber optic products, training and field services to every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. KITCO specializes in the design and fabrication of fiber optic tools, tool kits and cable assemblies that are customized to meet strict military standards. 

KITCO offers a diversified variety of ‘hands-on’ certified training for all branches of  Military Forces and Defense Contractors. We are the U.S. Navy’s sole approved shipboard fiber optic trainer. Our industry-certified field services team provides onsite support for all aspects of fiber network implementation including termination, splicing, troubleshooting and testing.

Military Fiber Optic Trainer

KITCO develops curriculum and provides training worldwide for the U.S. Armed Forces, and serves as the U.S. Navy’s sole shipboard fiber optic trainer. Our primary military fiber optic trainer capabilities include: shipboard fiber optics; aviation/avionics fiber optic training; TFOCA fiber optic training; VIVID – pierside connectivity, and hermaphroditic connectorization. 

Aircraft Fiber Optics Support

Shipboard Kit Case

Over the last decade KITCO instructors have worked closely with shipyard and Navy personnel terminating and testing fiber optic topologies aboard ships and submarines, and we are also working closely with the Army and Marines to develop battlefield maintenance and aircraft fiber optics support training. 

Fiber Optic Army Field Support

KITCO Fiber Optics field services team provides quality on-site termination and testing support for some of the nation’s largest defense contractors and government agencies, with services that include reliable termination, splicing (fusion and mechanical), fiber optic cable mapping, INSURV inspections, consulting to military standards, troubleshooting and final system testing for a wide range of fiber optic applications from conventional to Blown Optical Fiber (BOF). 

We are experienced in M28876, M29504, M83522, Hermaphroditic, TFOCA and Blown Optical Fiber applications.

Military Fiber OpticsTFOCA / Ground Tactical Products

KITCO Fiber Optics is a leading provider of TFOCA/ground tactical fiber optic tool kits, custom cable assemblies, training and field services.  KITCO is proud to support all aspects of ground tactical applications for the warfighter.

KITCO Fiber Optics has designed and manufactured fiber optic termination kits, fusion splice kits, and inspection, cleaning and test platform kits that support every connector manufacturer in the world.  Exclusive and customized Ground Tactical repair and maintenance “Keeps the Warfighter in Mind!”

Aviation Fiber Optics Fiber Optic Support

Cable Assemblies and Measurement Quality Jumpers

Fiber Optic Kit

KITCO’s experienced production staff is highly skilled in the methods used with the majority of fiber optic connectors and has fabricated thousands of custom cable assemblies for military applications. 

We build an extensive array of cable assemblies for applications including M28876, TFOCA, Hermaphroditic and specialize in MIL-STD-2042 qualified assemblies. 

We are also expert in building multimode and singlemode assemblies that require tight insertion loss and back reflection readings.  All cables undergo extensive testing and verification in adherence to accepted industry standards and we provide test reports with our delivered assemblies.

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