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Kinetics Ltd. (Israel) was founded in 1985. Kinetics develops, tests, qualifies and produces systems and components for a wide range of military platforms including tracked and wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV), Main Battle Tanks (MBT), Tactical Vehicles, Aircraft, Missiles, Torpedoes and Ground Support Vehicles.

For over two decades Kinetics has been developing and producing complex Nuclear Biological Chemical Protection Systems (NBCS), Environmental Control Systems (ESC) and Auxiliary Power Units (APU) for defence applications.

These systems are at times integrated into a single solution on platforms called: "Life Support System" (LSS).

Kinetics is currently a world leader in the area of LSS and many thousands of its systems are in service globally on board of military platforms such as:

  • Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle
  • AMV 8x8 AFV
  • PANDUR 2 8x8 AFV
  • M113 and M577 Tracked AFV
  • M1A1 Tank
  • T-72 MBT
  • BMP-2
  • HIMARS Rocket Launcher (USA)

Life Support System (LSS)

Kinetics' Life Support System (LSS) is an integrated system for military vehicles providing several or all of the following functions:

  • NBCS/CBRN - Protection and Detection
  • HVAC - Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning
  • ICCS - Individual Crew Cooling System
  • APU - Auxiliary Power Unit
  • AFSS - Automatic Fire Suppression System

Military HVAC

Kinetics' Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (Military HVAC) Systems are made for heavy duty Operation on military vehicles and shelters.

Our Military HVAC offers:

  • Very high cooling capacity at extremely hot and humid conditions
  • Maintenance-Free operation in heavy dust conditions using:
  • Self-Cleaning heat exchangers
  • High efficiency dust separation technology

Individual Crew and Electronics Cooling System (ICECS)

  Kinetics' Individual Crew and Electronics Cooling System (ICECS) was developed for Main Battle Tanks (MBT), Self-Propelled Howitzers (SPH), Helicopters and other special applications where:

  • Open vehicle operation is required
  • Available power for cooling is limited
  • The ICECS offers excellent Crew Cooling using Air-Cooled Overalls or Vests, and it is also very effective in NBC/CBRN Protection Mode

Military APU

Kinetics' military APU is designed for heavy-duty automotive operation.
Our APU offers:

  • Low noise and thermal signatures for Silent Mode Operation
  • Extra Power for add-on equipment in a Co-Generation Mode, while operated in parallel with the vehicles main engine.

Operational cost and logistics savings:

  • Less main engine hours/maintenance/spares
  • Less fuel consumption

Military Hydraulics

Kinetics' has extensive capabilities in design and production of military Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components and Systems for military land and airborne applications:

  • Gun and Turret Drive
  • Rocket and Missile Launcher Control
  • Suspension Hydraulics
  • Air Refuelling Control
  • Fuel Systems
  • Jet Engine Control

NBC Defence

Kinetics' NBC defence system (NBCS) incorporates the latest protection technologies assuring much safer operation for longer periods of time, while keeping very low Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and minimal Logistics.

Our NBCS offers:

  • 3 Protection Modes
  • NATO AEP-54 Compliance
  • Continuous (24/7) Operation
  • NBC Filter By-Pass Valve
  • Fresh Air Dryer
  • Excellent and Maintenance Free Dust Removal
  • Inexpensive Disposable Dust Pre-Filter
  • Overpressure Dynamic Control
  • Conditioned Air Supply to NBC Facemasks

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