Jackson Rifles

Suppressors, Laser Bore Sights and Fibreglass Stocks

Jackson Rifles is a trading name of ISO 9001:2000 registered company, Forge Consulting Ltd, and is a major UK importer and distributor of silencers and laser bore sights.

Products supplied for military and law enforcement use include highly efficient Finnish-manufactured silencers for calibres from .22 rimfire to 50 BMG, Red-i laser bore sights, McMillan and Robertson fibreglass rifle stocks and a range of triggers, including a two-stage trigger produced in its own workshop.

BR Tuote and Ase Utra sound moderators are already in service with several police forces, ensuring compliance with EU and UK Noise at Work regulations, and Red-i laser bore sights are supplied to the armed forces.

BR Tuote Reflex Suppressor

Originally designed for the Valmet M62 assault rifle, the BR Reflex Suppressor is a mild steel, parkerised, 'telescopic' design, sleeving over the barrel and adding only 98 mm to the barrel length. The BR Reflex Suppressor reduces sound emissions by 25-30 dB, significantly reduces recoil and eliminates muzzle flash.  The standard model's light weight (640 g) and compact design have made it a market leader.  Available in calibres from .223 to 50, in a variety of threads.

Fibreglass Stocks

Jackson rifles also supply a wide range of fibreglass rifle stocks to suit specific customer requirements. This selection of products includes McMillan and Robertson fibreglass stocks, as well as a variety or triggers to choose from to suit your application.

Ase Utra jet-Z Suppressors

The mild steel parkerised jet-Z range of muzzle-mounted suppressors is available for calibres .223 (CQB model), .25 and .30 (Compact model), in a variety of threads. The unique baffle design results in highly efficient sound suppression levels (26-32 dB), recoil reduction and elimination of muzzle flash. The Compact model weighs 560 g and adds 153 mm to barrel length; the CQB weighs 520 g and adds 125 mm. For these suppressors, a QuickMount version is available to fit directly onto a MilSpec flash-hider without any need to modify the standard weapon.

Ase Utra S5 Suppressor

The S5 suppressor is a stainless steel muzzle-mounted model for bolt-action centrefire rifles, available in .25, .270 and .30 calibres.  Its neat dimensions (129 mm long x 45 mm diameter, 590 g) and its addition of only 115 mm to barrel length make it a practical option for professional shooters.  Sound suppression is 25-28 dB.

Ase Utra NorthStar Suppressor

This is a 2009 addition to the Ase Utra range, and is a stainless steel 'telescopic' design, sleeving over the barrel and adding only 100 mm to barrel length..  Light in weight (630 g), it is 197 mm long x 47.5 mm diameter, with a sound suppression range of 24-28 dB. It is available in calibers .25 and .30.

Red-i Laser Bore Sights

Manufactured in South Africa, these bore sights provide a rapid and easy way of re-zeroing a rifle in situ. Used by professional and sporting shooters and law enforcement officers, they are also in service in higher calibres with the armed forces.  They are calibre-specific and available for most calibres.

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