Sentinel Tactical Response Vehicle

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Mission Specific Armored Vehicle Solutions
Armored commercial vehicles based on platforms such as the Chevrolet Suburban and Toyota Land Cruiser are be ideal for secure transport while maintaining a discrete profile, but they may not be suitable for military and law enforcement agencies that typically have a different set of priorities due to the nature of their missions.

IAG Sentinel Armored Tactical Response Vehicle

The Sentinel Armored Tactical Response Vehicle started out as a development project at International Armored Group (IAG) to create a solution that is specifically designed for special response teams in organizations such as local police departments, SWAT, federal agencies, and military units. Due to the high risk nature of their missions, team members are usually equipped with a bulky tactical gear such as helmets, plate carriers, rifles and gloves that make it difficult to operate in smaller commercial vehicles.

The Sentinel Armored Tactical Response Vehicle is based on Ford F550 Super Duty chassis, which has proven to be a highly versatile armoring platform as IAG has developed customized armoring solutions using the F550 chassis to create armored buses, ambulances and cash-in-transit trucks. A popular commercial chassis such as the Ford F550 reduces the cost and lead time for spare parts as they are easily attainable through Ford's global distribution network.

Sentinel Armored Tactical Response VehicleSentinel Armored Tactical Response Vehicle Off Roading

The Sentinel Armored Tactical Response Vehicle does not retain the original Ford F550 Super Duty cabin. IAG has developed a customized vehicle body that is constructed with CEN B6/NIJ Level III rated ballistic steel, designed to optimize ballistic and blast resistance as well as maximize interior seating and cargo volume. In addition to the vehicle cabin, key components such as the engine bay and fuel tank are also armored to prevent the vehicle from being disabled in the event of an attack. If required, higher levels of protection are also available up to .50cal and armor piercing rounds.

Standard seating capacity for the Sentinel Armored Tactical Response Vehicle is up to 10 occupants, with two individual seats in the first two rows, and two parallel bench seats in the rear of the vehicle. Each seat is equipped with a restraint system to properly secure and protect the occupants during off-roading and aggressive driving maneuvers. Other features in the interior include cargo compartments for storage, armored roof hatch, dead bolt locking system with large handles (for ease of operation with gloves), and a powerful HVAC system. The interior for each vehicle can be outfitted to the specific requirements of the client and intended use.

Similarly, the vehicle exterior can also be customized with equipment such as spot lights, winch recovery system, sirens and strobe lights, ram bumpers, mesh guards, video surveillance system, side steps, and an integrated armored turret system on the roof.

Sentinel Armored Tactical Response Vehicle InteriorSentinel Armored Tactical Response Vehicle Seats

In order to support the high payload, various components such as the suspension, brakes, drivetrain, and tires have been upgraded and reinforced to properly support the additional weight. The steel wheel assembly features an integrated run-flat system with bead-locks to keep the tires mounted on the wheels and enable the vehicle to continue driving even in the event of tire punctures. Tires with aggressive tread pattern and high load capacity enables the Sentinel Armored Tactical Response Vehicle to perform well even on harsh off-road terrain.

Vehicles such as the IAG Sentinel armored truck are designed specifically for the high risk missions that specialized tactical teams face on a regular basis. Please contact us for more information on the Sentinel Armored Tactical Response Vehicle, and learn how it can protect the lives of men and women proudly serving our law enforcement and military units.

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