Armadillo Armored Passenger Bus

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As most of the developed countries around the world continue to struggle with slow economic growth, rising debt and persistent unemployment, many companies are investing abroad in developing countries with positive growth opportunities, such as Brazil and Nigeria. Companies with a bigger appetite for risks and higher rewards are investing in even less stable regions of the world, with Iraq and its vast oil reserves being a prime example. Regardless of where companies and governments turn to, the reality is that with rewards come risks, and protection is required. For this reason, International Armored Group is proud to introduce the second generation of the Armadillo armored bus.

IAG Armadillo Armored Passenger Bus

IAG Armadillo Armored Passenger Bus

The IAG Armadillo armored passenger bus is designed and manufactured to meet the transportation needs of both government agencies and private companies working in high conflict regions. Capable of carrying up to 26 passengers at one time, the CEN B6/NIJ III Armadillo armored passenger bus protects against multiple hits from high-powered assault rifles, including 7.62 x 51mm M80 NATO ball, 5.56 x 45mm SS109, 7.62 x 39mm and all lesser projectiles. It also features a counter-IED design to protect against blasts.

Based on a heavy duty truck chassis and built from the ground up, every aspect of the IAG Armadillo armored passenger bus is designed for comfort, maximum protection and reliability. All major components can be easily serviced and/or replaced without the use of specialized tools. Since the design is modular, the entire body of the vehicle can be swapped out if necessary.

The IAG Armadillo armored passenger bus is available on a variety of wheelbase lengths and in either 4x2 or 4x4. Main features include automatic climate control with extra heavy duty HVAC system, individual reading lights, three point seat belts, emergency roof escape hatch and security cameras at all entry points, full audio and video entertainment system for long-haul trips.

From a cost/benefit analysis standpoint for armored transport, nothing offers better value than the IAG Armadillo armored Passenger bus. Its unique combination of protection against ballistic and blast threats, excellent build quality, excellent off-road capabilities, high passenger carrying capacity, reliability and low maintenance costs make this vehicle the ideal choice for both government agencies and private companies.

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Armadillo Armored Passenger BusArmadillo Armored BusIAG Armadillo Armored Bus
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