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When it comes to the physical transportation of cash or any other valuable goods, security is always a concern, no matter where you are in the world.

One solution adopted by financial institutions and various other organizations is the application of armored cash-in-transit (CIT) vehicles to protect the cargo, as well as the security personnel on-board.

CIT Vehicles

There is a wide range of trucks that are suitable to be used as a base chassis for a CIT vehicle. In terms of entry level models, pick-up trucks such as the Ford Ranger and the Toyota Hilux are commonly used due to their reasonable payload ratings and their affordable pricing.

However, these vehicles have their drawbacks, most notably the limited space in the cargo area; it is only recommended to place personnel in the cabin area of the truck. Another popular model for CIT applications is the Ford E-350 and E-450 vans. These vehicles provide a much larger area for fully configurable seating and cargo arrangements.

Cash-In-Transit Vehicles

CIT VehiclesThe top end cash-in-transit vehicles are typically based on Ford F-350, F-500 and International truck chassis. These vehicles have very high payload ratings, making them the perfect chassis for CIT applications due to the large amount of additional weight from the combination of armoring, cargo and personnel. A fully configurable box-body is installed in the back of the chassis to accommodate the cargo area, as well as additional seating.

Depending on the usage and area of operation of a specific end-user, the requirements of each CIT vehicle will be different, thus there is no “standard” package that will suit a universal need.

For example, if personnel will only be placed in the cabin area, only that area needs to have ballistic armoring installed; the rear can either be unarmored or armored to a lower level in order to decrease weight as well as cost.

CIT Vehicles from IAGIn addition, various components of the vehicle such as suspension and brakes can be upgraded to accommodate a much higher payload for the transportation of heavier cargo such as gold or coins. Also, equipment such as drop chutes, hydraulic lifts, GPS tracking device and on-board camera with digital video recorder can be installed to further enhance the utility and security of the vehicle.

As a premium manufacturer of custom armored vehicles, International Armored Group can provide armored CIT vehicles that are built to meet all of the necessary security requirements of the client. In addition to ballistic protection up to 7.62x51mm rifle rounds, these vehicles also offer blast protection from explosives. These features are essential to ensure the safe arrival of both the valuable cargo and the security personnel on duty.

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