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One of the most popular and widely used commercial vehicles in the world, the Toyota Hiace Bus has proven to be extremely reliable and dependent since it was first introduced in 1967. Its strong and durable chassis and ample interior volume has allowed International Armored Group to convert the Toyota Hiace into an armored vehicle for several applications, including the armored Toyota Hiace ambulance, armored Toyota Hiace CIT van and most recently the Armored Toyota Hiace Bus.

Armored Toyota Hiace Bus

Armored Toyota Hiace Bus

To provide the highest level of protection possible without compromising its low profile exterior, IAG utilizes its patented SmartArmor® technology to design and armor the Toyota Hiace Bus. The entire vehicle utilizes as few pieces of full length ballistic steel as possible so that the total number of welds is minimized. An inner "armor cocoon" is created as a result of this armor design, wherein no gaps are found while providing the strongest vehicle structure possible. In the event of a rollover, the reinforced pillars and posts, which function as both armor protection and structural support, will ensure the Toyota Hiace Bus will not collapse on itself.

The front doors of the Armored Toyota Hiace Bus are both protected by full door overlap with spall channels (bullet catchers) around the entire door aperture, 360 degrees. This includes the area found on the side of the dashboard, the area behind the door hinges, door locks and the "step in" area at the bottom of each door. This prevents projectiles travelling at an angled trajectory from penetrating into the cabin. Additionally, in the event of a blast attack, the overlap prevents the doors from being pushed in or sucked out.

The rear sliding door and rear cargo door are both protected by vault-style ballistic steel bulkheads. This method of armor design allows for the highest level of protection possible without compromising the OEM exterior look and ease of access for passengers.

Toyota Hiace Bus

The interior of the Toyota Hiace Bus, including the bench seats, sound insulation and other features, are completely custom designed and fabricated by IAG. This allows the interior space to be used optimally and allows the Armored Toyota Hiace Bus to sit up to 8 passengers in comfort and safety.

Available with both diesel and petrol engines, the Armored Toyota Hiace Bus is available for use in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Phillipines, Indonesia, Egypt and many others. Please contact International Armored Group for more information.

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