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Loading & Combat Vehicle Trainers, RBS70 Trainer System

MSE Weibull (MSE) provides intelligent modular training and simulation hardware to customers all over the globe. Headquarters are located in Elmhult, Sweden.

With more than 50 years of experience in design, production and support of military and civilian training equipment our product portfolio today embraces, among others, mobile live fire training equipment, combat vehicle trainers, flight and radar simulators, high fidelity loading trainers and anti aircraft trainers.

MSE is your independent collaboration partner. We work as the partner on local level, offering services covering the entire life cycle – from requirement analysis, system design, production and assembly to in-service support.

For more than 50 years MSE Weibull has been working together with the industry and several civil and military organisations and today we have a unique network of contacts and abilities for continued creative development.

Light Mobile Target System – LIMO

LIMO – Light Mobile Target System – is a fully deployable target system for live fire training. All kinds of direct fire weapons can be used with the system – from small arms to MBT gun as well as missiles. Also detectors for laser simulators could be attached.

Training with LIMO is extremely realistic as the system allows the user to build tracks wherever there is a path in the landscape for moving targets. The system can be used in MOUT areas, for checkpoint training, in the woods, in dessert, in moorland or in hilly terrain.

The track needs no protection, which means that scenarios with approaching and turning targets can be designed. Even training air-to-surface and sea-to-surface is possible. To build a 1000-meter track takes less than an hour.

Each LIMO system allows two bidirectional or four unidirectional tracks to be used at the same time with target speeds of up to 50 km/h.

Simulation and Training Equipment Replicas

MSE offers replicas to any kind of simulation and training equipment. Given by the training need, the replica characteristics are adapted and optimised for each application. This guarantees that the performance is identical to the real equipment, but to a fraction of the cost.

MSE has designed, produced and delivered replicas of varying complexity, such as fighter cockpits and ejector seats, radar consoles, complete train cabins, combat vehicle interiors with instrumentation, air defence firing units, main battle tank ammunition and ammunition compartments and much more. 

Loading Trainers

MSE loading trainers makes loading training economical, efficient, accessible and safe. Thanks to ingenious solutions the training system can be used thousands and thousands of rounds, without any additional costs rising.

To be able to handle live situations, repetitive training of ammunition loading is crucial. Using an MSE loading trainer, either as stand-alone or as integrated in a complete simulator system, gives the possibility to practice all tasks related to the loader; picking right type of ammunition, removal and change of ammunition, communication, the actual moment of loading ammunition into the barrel, safety routines etc. Even fault handling routines, impossible to train in a real environment, can be trainer with the loading trainer.

The trainers are built of replicas or real parts from the live weapons system, which makes the training equipment as close to the real equipment as it is possible to achieve. The loading trainer simulates both recoil and the ejection and separation of ammunition.

Combat Vehicle Trainers

MSE supplies intelligent simulation platforms for tactical and procedural trainers to battle tanks and other combat vehicles. Any characteristics of the original combat vehicle can be emulated, e.g. motion, communication, sound and fault conditions.

Depending on the training needs and fidelity level requirements, either original parts or replicas are integrated to guarantee cost-effective solutions.

Taking responsibility for the entire trainer solution, MSE has not only great experience in designing and producing high fidelity replicas of sights, different indicators and switches and the overall platform structure, but also in designing and installing the infrastructure, such as liquid cooling systems, computer networks, sound systems etc.

RBS70 Trainer System

The RBS70 trainer system is one example of MSE intelligent modular hardware simulator platforms, developed upon functional requirements from the customer, delivered turn-key ready for software installation.

Parts of the MSE solution are the simulator sight, electronic interface for data acquisition, the simulator joystick, handles and switches, the operation panel, connections, wind direction sensor etc.

The trainer system also embraces an instructor station with integrated COTS computers, power supply unit, network and the interface unit.

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