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Operating in conditions which are uncomfortable, and not conducive to good safe training, for example a diesel engine. Simulation Software The processing power, and multimedia capabilities of modern PC’s and laptop computers, has encouraged the development of an alternative to the ‘real thing’, and that is simulation software!

Diesel Engine Simulation
Diesel Engine Simulation


The trainee can now work in relative safety, and free from the hostile environment of the ‘real thing’! Operational control of the engine can now be performed without the fear of causing damage to thousands of dollars worth of vital equipment. For example the trainee can now ‘drive’ the simulation engine without worrying about the consequences of overheating, but at the same time observing the relevant temperatures, and control valves status at critical points in the system.

Water Tube Boiler and Control Panel
Water Tube Boiler and Control Panel

As you can see there are some realistic high temperatures, and pressures throughout the system, the control and monitoring panel is compact andeasy to view on the computer screen.

Data Collection
Data Collection

Since the whole environment is software based, it is comparatively easy to collect data from the simulated system. This is achieved through very accurate software algorithms which are transparent to the operator, however the data is readily available in numerical or graphical format as shown by the following diagrams.

Military Training

The very nature of military machines and systems, as well as the high cost, precludes the use of these for initial training. For example the steering gear on a ship, can, until now, only be demonstrated on the actual ship, or on a very costly hardware simulator.

Shipâs Steering Gear
Ship’s Steering Gear

Simulation software now brings military systems into the classroom by way of the computer and software simulation, without the need for maintenance, safety concerns, or high cost hardware. Exercises are easily setup by the instructor, and the simulation can be projected onto a large screen to enable the key features, and procedures, to be demonstrated to the trainees in real time.

Incorrect operational sequences can cause problems, as with the ‘real thing’, and faults can be inserted to test the trainee’s ability to diagnose problems in a logical manner.

Software Simulation Example

Steam Turbine with Control Panel
Steam Turbine with Control Panel

The following screenshots are examples of a variety of simulated systems which have been produced to enhance the training, improve the throughput, and allow ‘hands-on’ before encountering the ‘real thing!
Steam Turbine with Control Panel

Simulation Range

There are now more than thirty simulated systems in the THERMOWARE and NAWARE simulation software training programs, including the following partial list

  • Water Tube Boiler
  • Steam Turbine
  • Refrigeration
  • Air Condition
  • Heat Pump
  • Four and Two Stroke Engines
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Animated Hydraulic/Pneumatic Components
  • Car Electrical Ignition System
  • Solar Plant
  • Central Heating
  • Crude Oil Washing Plant
  • Steering Gear
  • Water Tight Doors
  • Garbage and Sludge Incinerator
  • Desalination Plant
  • Liquefied Gas Carriers
  • Inert Gas Plant
  • Oil Tanker Loading
  • Fuel Transfer
  • Gas Plant

Advantages of Simulation Software

  • Safe
  • Low Cost
  • Clean
  • Repeatable
  • Pseudo Real-time
  • Simple to Complex Fault Insertion
  • Data Collection
  • Capture Scenarios
  • Print Results
  • Network for Multiple Trainees
  • Trainees become familiar with Computers
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