User-programmable module to turn your tactical light into a system safety, security and communications.


Codex can be mounted on standard Pila flashlights making them instantly user-programmable. With the module installed, Pila flashlight can be set to emit individual codes and signals, to strobe, fade or dim output power and in emergencies, automatically release the SOS distress code.

Tactical Flashlights

With Codex installed, Pila flashlight with ultra-bright LED Emitters and Xenon Lamp Assemblies can be programmed to

  • Quick installation and easy programming.
  • Memorises four different program settings (user-programmable) controllable via three buttons.
  • Up to 9 programmable frames/sequences per setting.
    • 5 selectable light intensities (99%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 00%).
    • Interval settings from 0.1 to 9.9 sec.
  • Set different light intensities, e.g. to save battery power and extend run time.
  • Emit intensive short strobes for self-defence and to disorientate an aggressor.
  • Attract attention by dimming and brighten at different timings, "Lighthouse Effect".
  • Emit flashes for warning (for vehicles, boats, etc.).
  • Automatically send off the SOS distress signal.
  • Release brief messages and codes in MORSE.
  • Flare at different time intervals for team location and identification (e.g. Special Forces).
  • Blink and strobe, dim and fade in any sequence of your choice, even if it is just for fun.
  • Low Battery Warning with automatic power reduction to extend run time.
  • Programmable strobe and flashing rates.
  • Programmable dimming and brighten.
  • Set and emit Codes and Signals.
  • Bypass function.
  • Backlit LCD Display, automatic.
  • Automatic Built-in-Test (BIT) at start-up.

Tactical Flashlights

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