Gun Laser Sights


Gun Laser Sights

Industrial Laser Electronics and Engineering (I.L.E.E.) offer a broad variety of pistol and gun laser sights. These include single and twin beam laser sights, laser & light modules and 'hybrid' systems combining twin beam lasers and red dot sights.

Gun Laser Sights

I.L.E.E. target designators, pistol lasers, tactical lights, infrared lamps and gun laser sights are designed and built in-house. The company also offer a catalogue of laser systems and accessories including optical beam expanders, spectroscopy systems, line generators, clamps, mounts and holders for industrial applications, giving them a wealth of experience in the design of precision lasers and optics.

Gun laser sights available from I.L.E.E, examples include:

SingleBeam Compact Lasers

Single Beam Compact Laser

I.L.E.E's single beam compact laser is a small, lightweight and robust solution for small commando weapons. The laser supports a choice of red (635 nm) or 'invisible' infrared (840 nm) light sources, both of which can be adjusted (factory set) to a power output of between 0.5 and 3.5 mW according to the needs of the user. Alternative power settings and wavelengths can be supplied on request.

The laser is fully adjustable in azimuth and elevation. The device accepts standard battery types and adapters are available for the majority of weapons.

Twin Beam Lasers


Twin Beam Tactical Laser

Twin Beam Tactical Lasers

The "urban" twin beam tactical laser from I.L.E.E. features an 840nm laser with a choice of output powers below 0.7, 3.5 or 30 mW and a wide-angle IR illuminator with 2 x 50 mW light sources. The system is optimised for use with night vision goggles in urban scenarios. The illuminator is effective outdoors up to a range of a hundred meters, and is highly effective for indoor operations.


Twin Beam Target Laser

Twin Beam Target Laser

I.L.E.E. Also offer another twin beam target laser. This design enables users to switch rapidly between two different light sources. Standard light sources available for this design include red (635 nm, 0.5 - 5 mW) and infrared (830 - 850 nm, 0.5 - 3.5 W) beams and an infrared (830 - 850 nm, 0.5 to 30 mW) illuminator, but other options are available if required.

The two lasers are independently selectable and adjustable. The system can be mounted onto most weapon types and accepts standard batteries.


Hybrid Gun Sight

Hybrid Gun Sights

The MTB "hybrid" gun sight available from I.L.E.E. combines a tactical target laser and a red dot sight for fast deployment in military and police-force operations. Uniting the benefits of active and passive target systems in one system, the MTB features a twin beam tactical laser from I.L.E.E. and a MicroT1 red dot sight from Aimpoint. The adaptable system is effective in all climates, inside and outside, for both daytime and nocturnal operations. For long range targeting, the illuminator may be replaced with a second laser.

The MTB hybrid features independent power supplies for the I.L.E.E. twin beam laser and the Aimpoint red dot sight. The laser supports a choice of 840nm light sources with available (factory set) power ratings up to 0.7, 3.5 or 30 mW, and an infrared illuminator with dual 830nm, 50 mW LED lights.


Laser Light Module

Laser and Light Modules

I.L.E.E. Supply a choice of three combined laser and light modules, of which the cFL / Laser & Light Module is particularly flexible, with adapters available for most weapons, and is recommended for small commando weapons which have little space for separate lights and lasers. The system can be switched instantly between visible and infrared operation. In visible mode, it includes a trigger operated red laser beam and a tactical light, which may be activated together or independently. In invisible mode, it features an infrared laser beam and an infrared LED. Again, these may be either simultaneously or independently activated as required.

This article focussed on the full-scale gun laser sights available from I.L.E.E. Information on pistol laser sights is available in a companion to this article.

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