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HESCO Bastion Ltd has been a major manufacturer of force protection products since 1990. The company's primary product, the Concertainer unit, has been acknowledged as the most significant development in field fortification since the Second World War. It has become a key component in military hardware and is the benchmark in force protection.

Concertainer units have been used as protective barriers in many countries around the world including Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Jordan, UAE and Turkey. Many military organisations currently use this and other HESCO products, including the US Army, USMC, USAF, NATO and the United Nations.

In addition to the standard Concertainer unit, HESCO continues to enlarge its product portfolio of protection products in direct response to changing customer requirements:

Concertainer Units

Concertainer units enable the construction of rapid and efficient engineered fortification with dependable protection characteristics. They can be used in a wide variety of configurations, from a simple perimeter wall to a more complex bunker.

The Concertainer unit is a multi-cellular wall system manufactured from welded Alu-Zinc coated steel wire mesh and joined with vertical, helical coils. The units are lined with a UV stabilized heavy-duty non-woven polypropylene geotextile.

Each unit has been developed to provide a flexible solution for a wide range of protective and structural requirements. They are available in a variety of different sizes and delivery systems. Delivered flat-packed on pallets or stacked vertically inside a RAID container, units can be easily extended and joined using the provided joining pins and filled with available material using minimal manpower and commonly available equipment. Units are given the ‘Mil' prefix to differentiate them from their civil market counterparts.

RAID (Rapid In-theatre Deployment)

RAID has been designed to reduce the logistical problems surrounding deployment of large quantities of barriers into theatre, particularly for the construction of forward operating and patrol bases during expeditionary missions.

RAID utilises a specially designed and engineered container to provide significant increases in the quantity of Concertainer units that can be transported in a 20' container footprint. The container conforms to all ISO stacking and transportation standards, and can be stacked up to four units high.

This unique delivery system gives a reduction in the requirement for valuable manpower and equipment during the execution phase of the mission.

RAID allows swift deployment of any number of units, ready for filling. RAID units break naturally into five cell lengths, with the removal of two joining pins - simply pull out as many or as few units as required. For longer walls, leave the pins in place and hitch up a suitable towing vehicle. Within minutes long lengths of wall are deployed using only one third of the manpower required to deploy the same amount using palletised Concertainer product.

Corners can be easily formed, more units can be joined, and gaps in the wall can be created (for entry points etc). Splitting units also provides the benefit of only deploying what is required - the remainder is left inside the secure RAID container for future use.

HAB 1 (HESCO Accommodation Bunker)

HESCO have also worked on reducing the logistics burden of providing protected accommodation, particularly in the harsh environments experienced by those living in FOBs and patrol bases, where protection against IDF weapons is paramount.

HAB 1 is designed to house up to 8 personnel, providing each with a personal space measuring 2m x 2m.

HAB 1 has sidewalls of proven Concertainer units and a lightweight aluminium roof. The bunker has been tested extensively against the effects of IDF weapons. Two HAB 1 units can be shipped inside one standard 20ft ISO container, and can also be deployed by parachute.

HAB 2 (HESCO Accommodation Bunker)

HAB 2 is a logical development of the HAB concept, and offers improved level of protection for the occupants. HAB 2 is completely reusable and has been designed to give an increased interior height and a more flexible interior space. The entrance to the bunker has been specially configured to allow easy access for emergency medical teams, making it an ideal system for use as a FOB medical facility.

HRSF (HESCO Re-deployable Security Fence)

HRSF has been developed by HESCO in order to provide a secure, rapidly erectable anti-climb fence that requires no special tools or training, no ‘digging in' of fence posts and can be dismantled and re-deployed with limited effort. The fence utilizes the same Alu-Zinc coated wire mesh and helical coil technology used in the previously mentioned Concertainer units. Available in three heights; 2.4m, 3.1m and 3.6m, the HRSF unit has an anti-climb front face, will withstand light vehicle attack and is PAS-68 rated.

HLBR (HESCO Lightweight Bunker Roof)

HESCO have developed the HESCO Lightweight Bunker Roof (HLBR), a rapid and easily erectable lightweight roof specifically designed to provide protection against IDF weapons. The roof can be built on almost any walls capable of taking the load that the roof will impose upon it.

HLBR has a number of uses such as the roof for COLPRO, for living accommodation, or overhead cover for ammunition and explosive stacks. It is used in situations where there is a requirement for protection typically satisfied using timber or steel roofs. Shipped in a single wooden crate, HLBR has a maximum span of 3.3m and can be built by 4 men in around 5 hours.

Personnel & Material Bunker Sets

These bunker sets have been developed to utilise forty and twenty foot ISO containers. Walls are constructed using specifically adapted Mil 1 Concertainer units to give a protective wall thickness of in excess of 1m. The roof design provides 0.6m of overhead cover. Material bunkers provide access from one end of the bunker, while personnel bunkers provide access from both ends. Although a container is not absolutely necessary, and is not provided with the kit, it will provide enhanced protection, by acting as a spall liner.

Guard Post

The components of this set provide a small protective emplacement with 0.6m walls and 0.45m of overhead cover. Embrasure (firing/observation point) forms are included in the set as are roof joists and roofing material.

The interior space is 1.2m by 1.8m, with 1.98m of headroom. The complete set is delivered on a single pallet and is typically constructed in around 3 hours.

EOPSTM (Extended Overhead Protection) Bunker

EOPS provides a roof structure with defined overhead protection for larger facilities. EOPS is built around existing, ISO container-buildings such as expandable container systems, or basic sea container units. The frames of such ISO units combined with a steel superstructure provide the necessary support for the roof.

At the heart of the design is a unique locating cup, which has been specially designed and manufactured to integrate the roof structure with any stackable ISO container-building unit.

An EOPS installation forms, as a minimum, a triple wide structure. Because EOPS is essentially modular, there is no limit to the area of the installation to be protected.


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