Gransfors Smide Produces Advanced Door Breaching Tools

Gränsfors Smide

The range of breaching equipment includes:

  • Tactical Bar
  • Wooden Door Breaching Tool
  • Steel Door Breaching Tool
  • Tactocal Ram
  • Two Man Ram
  • Break and Rake - Window Entry

In addition to this range we have supporting equipment such as bolt Cutters and a carry bag to transport breaching tools.

Tactical Breaching Equipment

Tactical Bar

Tactical BarDesigned to break down reinforced doors, the bar is manufactured with alloyed spring steel making it lightweight and easy to use whilst keeping a strong solid structure.

Wooden Door Breaching Tool

The gransfors wooden door breaching tool has a forged design aimed at meeting wedging requirements for doors which open outwards. The double-edged tools are ideal for breaching wooden doors until they can be completely opened by force. This avoids the risk of damage to the door causing the lock to hold it in one place. The tool includes comfortable handles for convenient use.

Wooden Door Breaching ToolSteel Door Breaching Tool

Forged and tempered from high quality steel, the steel door breaching tool is manufactured for the wedging and breaching of heavy doors of steel construction. The design of the tool includes specially shapes edges to avoid any back slip during breaching. This door enables skilled and trained personnel to breach open a reinforced door in under a minute.

Tactical Ram

Tactical RamThe Gransfors tactical ram comprises an alternative to the use of a sledge hammer when used alongside breaching tools for the forcing of doors. Conveniently sized, the tactical ram provides advanced strength for the speedy opening of many forms of door.

Two Man / Large Ram

Gransfors also manufacture a large ram for the provision of additional power when breaching very strong, reinforced doors. These rams can be operated by two men at once for combined force and control. The large ram has the capacity for a chain to be attached to the back of the tool.

Break and Rake - Window Entry

The Break & Rake window entry tool includes a hook for the removal of obstructions to entry such as curtains and blinds, ensuring safety for the operator. The Break & Rake also features a toothed steel blade.

Bolt Cutters

Bolt CuttersGransfors’ bolt cutter demonstrates the ability to cut through a range of materials, including steel, fences, padlocks and chains.

Carry Bag to Transport Breaching Tools

To ensure the safe transportation of Gransfors’ tactical tools, a specially designed carry bag is available. The bag includes individual pockets for the storage of tools, as well as a breaching instruction manual.

The bag has the ability to be worn as a backpack or carried as a bag to suit user and application requirements.


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