10.4" AMLCD Rugged Smart Display Unit

General Dynamics Canada

optional touchscreenWith optional touchscreen or built-in bezel buttons, this can be used as a control unit or as a complete computer, with the addition of a keyboard and pointing device.

Designed specifically for On-The-Move operation in Armored Fighting Vehicles and Tactical Vehicles. Full sunlight viewability, along with an extremely wide dimming range. MIL-STD-1275A Power Supply allows the SDU to be connected directly to vehicle power and operate over wide fluctuations in power (9V DC to 36V DC). For off-board operation, the rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack provides up to 2.5 hours of operation at full screen brightness. Very versatile system with lots of upside growth potential.


  • 10.4" Sunlight Viewable Active Matrix
  • Flat Panel SVGA Display ruggedized for severe applications
  • Upgradeable Intel Pentium M processor
  • Can run multiple OS's for embedded applications
  • Designed for full operation over extended temperature range
  • Multiple Soldier-Machine Interface options: Touch Screen, Hot-Pluggable Keyboard, Pointing Device

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The display described represents a typical configuration of this family of products. Specifications may be configurable for specific customer requirements. For specifics on interfaces, bezel buttons, casings, connectors, and other configurations, please contact your GD Canada representative.

configurable for specific customer requirements


  • Operating Temp -40°C to +60°C
  • Storage Temp -50°C to +71°C
  • Vibration Tracked / Wheeled Vehicles
  • Shock 40g 6msec 1/2 sine
  • Water Tightness 50 PSIG
  • Altitude 15000 ft
  • Humidity 3% to 100% condensing
  • Sand Dust 20 mph for 30 min
  • Explosive Atmosphere Yes
  • Salt-Fog 48 hrs


  • Resolution 800 X 600 (SVGA)
  • Size 10.4 inch
  • Contrast Ratio 50:1 @200fC illumination
  • Brightness >50fL (257cd/m 2 )
  • Dimming Range <1.0fL to >50fL
  • Viewing Angle +/- 50 degree side-to-side
    >45 Deg. Up, 20 Deg. Down
  • Touchscreen Resistive (low reflectance),
    Scratch resistant layer,
    Shatter resistant
  • Bezel Four Control keys
  • Indicators Two indicators


  • Size 11.12w X 9.14h X 3.12d inches
  • Weight 11.0 lbs max.
  • Connectors Sealed


  • CPU Pentium M 1.1GHz (growth to 1.8GHz in 2005)
  • CPU L2 cache 1MB
  • Memory 512MB (Optional 1GB)
  • Video Controller Max. resol. CRT = QXGA 2048 X 1536,
    Max. resol. LCD= UXGA 1600 X 1200,
    - Bits/Pixels supported 1 x 18, 2 x 18, 1 x 24 and 2 x 24
  • Video Memory 4MB to 64MB
  • Hard Disk 60GB (EIDE),
    Optional Door for Removal
  • Keyboard port PS/2 or USB
  • Serial ports Four configurable as RS-232 or RS-422,
    Capability for 2 full handshaking,
    Optional optical isolation,
    Meets EIA/TIA and CCITT specifications
  • Parallel Port IEEE 1284 Compliant
  • Audio AC '97 and SoundBlaster Pro™ compatible,
    Optional 6W/channel mono or stereo,
    Audio Out,
    Optional Microphone Input
  • PCMCIA One Type II or One Type III,
    Optional Door for removal
  • USB 3 x USB1.1/2.0 Ports (UHCI and EHCI),
    USB legacy keyboard support,
    USB floppy, CD-ROM, Hard Drive and,
    Memory Stick boot support
  • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
  • Video SVGA out (optional)
  • OS support WinNT, Win98, Win2K, WinXP
  • Power supply MIL-STD-1275A,
    6V Initial Surge, 16V cranking,
    Reverse polarity protection
  • Battery Internal Lithium Ion Battery,
    >2.5hr operation @25°C,
    Optional Door for Removal


  • Configuration 84 Key QWERTY with pointing device
  • Interface PS/2 or USB
  • Size 11.5 X 7.25 X 1.25 inches
  • Weight 1.9 lbs
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