UK Prime Minister Tony Blair visited G3 Systems team at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan

G3 Systems Ltd

On his first visit there since the US-led invasion in 2003, Mr Blair stopped off to visit some of the contractors working on the camp.

During a walkabout Mr Blair met with two of G3 Systems contractors working on projects at the camp, Paul Smethurst (Site Manager MTF Bastion) and Rich Hammond (Plumber Camp Bastion).

Paul and Richard are among an increasing number of G3 Systems staff working at the camp, whose projects include; the erection of a 30,000 square feet role 2 field hospital designed by G3 Systems Bids and Engineering teams. The Field Hospital is built to UK HTM (NHS) standards and includes a 20 bed ward, Full Surgery Unit, CT scanner, X-Ray, Intensive Therapy Ward, Physiotherapy, Dental Room, Path Lab Ablutions and offices. G3 Systems are also involved in the build of a transit camp at Bastion.

Tony Blair Visit to Camp BastionDuring the visit the PM also thanked the 800 British servicemen and women at Camp Bastion in Helmand province for the job they were doing and spoke of the pride and respect the country had for the work they were doing.

The prime minister made his visit prior to moving on to meet with President Hamid Karzai.

G3 Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., provides a range of field systems to the MOD and Government agencies, including mobile and static hospitals, temporary accommodation, kitchens, and hygiene systems. When deployed, G3 staff provides support for these systems, which currently are in use in Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, as well as the U.K. G3's engineering and management services team also provides "Through Life" support packages through Contractor Logistic Support (CLS), including storage, maintenance, delivery, and recovery of the equipment on behalf of its customers.

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