Major British Military Hospital Built by G3 Systems Opens in Afghanistan

G3 Systems Ltd

G3 Systems are pleased to announce the opening of a 3,500-square-meter pre-fabricated field medical facility for the British military on February 6th by British Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth at Camp Bastion in southern Afghanistan.

The state of the art facility is the largest pre-fabricated field medical facility deployed on current operations by the British military and was designed and constructed by G3s design and project teams led by PM Dom Hargreaves, based in Portland, Dorset.

Doctor's JacketThe Medical Treatment Facility offers British forces the equipment, facilities and clinical care capabilities found in any city hospital. The modular design project was built in 18 months during close cooperation with the British military to provide an even higher level of healthcare to British forces in the harsh operational environment of Afghanistan.

"The Medical Treatment Facility is constructed to a very high standard, and we are certain this facility will provide the best of care for our forces for years to come," said Dom Hargreaves, G3 Systems project manager.

British Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth opened the state-of-the-art field hospital. "I have always had the highest regard for the medical treatment received by our servicemen and women, but this new hospital is simply outstanding," Ainsworth said. "I have seen for myself the quality of the building and equipment and I have met the staff, who are consummate professionals dedicated to treating everyone who comes through the doors to the highest standard."

Advanced technologyThe field hospital features an operating theater that supports two operating tables; six high-dependency beds; two isolation beds; a CT scanner; and two general wards to provide care facilities for up to 32 people.

The complex also contains an X-ray room, pathology lab and primary health care facilities with six treatment rooms and two rooms for dental surgeries, along with office space, toilets and staff refreshment areas.

Staffed by around 100 personnel, the temperature-controlled building is capable of dealing with the most serious trauma injuries.

Patients injured in mine-strikes, with blast, fragmentation or gunshot wounds, benefit from a team of on-site clinicians and consultants who can perform the immediate surgery that will save limbs and lives, before swift repatriation to continue care back in the U.K.

G3 Systems was also contracted to provide the power plant for the complex.

Quite rightly, Dom Hargreaves is proud of what he and the G3 team have produced here and stated 'The official opening of MTF Bastion is the end of nearly two years of work for me and the project team in both the UK and Afghanistan. The original contract was for a significantly smaller hospital than the one that was opened yesterday.

Delivering a sophisticated hospital, in such a remote location, at the end of a very long supply chain has been a real challenge. The project teams' reward is in knowing that this facility significantly enhances the Military Medics chances of saving the lives of our Service Personnel and reaching out to the local citizens in this hostile environment.

Medical staffUpwards of 75 G3 Systems staff, have worked on the project over the past two years. The design team for the project were based in G3 Systems Ltd offices in Portland, Dorset, co-ordinating design teams from a number of key enabling companies worldwide. Material has been sourced throughout Europe and the Middle East, ensuring only highest quality materials were provided. All the materials have been shipped into a central node in Kandahar, prior to being shipped up country into Camp Bastion. The large in country team has managed the local logistics, construction and commissioning.

"I am extremely proud of what has been achieved by the whole project team over the past two years, and delighted with the feedback that we have had from the Minister of Defence and the Client during the opening ceremony"

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