FAUDI Aviation GmbH

Filter Water and Coalescer Separators, AFGUARD Sensor

Quality Guarantees SafetyFAUDI Aviation - an approved, qualified and preferred specialist with over 70 years experience in military aviation applications.

FAUDI Aviation a global acting company has been supplying military equipment qualified to various national and international specifications including the latest versions of MIL-F-8901 E, DEF 49/3-4, TL 4330-001 and others.

The Product range includes:

  • Filter/Water Separators for mobile, stationary, horizontal, vertical installations
  • Coalescer elements
  • Separator elements
  • Refuelling, transfer pumping and special units
  • Jet, Diesel, Aviation gasoline, gas oil can be filtered
  • Precoat filter installations
  • Monitor vessels installed with 2" and 6" elements
  • Microfilter vessels and elements
  • Internal and external Trainings & Seminars
  • Reference lists of major military projects available

A close contact to our customers is secured by the FAUDI Aviation worldwide Distributor network. FAUDI Aviation fuel filter and filter systems remove solids, water, surfactants from aviation fuels.

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FAUDI Aviation GmbH
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