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Vibration Isolation, Shock Control, Resilient Laminated Pads

Fabreeka® is an international company focused on the development and manufacture of components to control vibration and shock. Fabreeka's® excellence in shock and vibration technology began in 1936 with the introduction of the unique Fabreeka® pad for shock isolation.

Later developments for vibration isolation include the Fabcel pad®, a high quality nitrile pad and DIMFAB 280, introduced to meet the specifications for the Distributed Isolation Material (DIM) specified for use in the US Navy submarines and surface ships.

An international presence demonstrates Fabreeka's® ongoing tradition of excellence in vibration and shock technology. Fabreeka's® dedicated employees are committed to providing superior engineering, quality products and outstanding customer service - worldwide.

Fabreeka Resilient Laminated Pads

Fabreeka® resilient laminated fabric pad is a scientifically designed and manufactured material composed of layers of tightly twisted, closely woven lightweight duck.

Each layer is impregnated with an elastomeric compound containing mold and mildew inhibiting agents.

The properties of Fabreeka® are exceptionally suited for the reduction of impact shock, vibration and structure-borne noise. Avoid metal-to-metal contact in mount attachments by including Fabreeka® Bushings and Washers.

Fabreeka® pads meet the US military specification MIL-C-882 and are impervious to most oils and solvents, while resisting the effects of steam, water, mildew and brine.

Thicker sections can be supplied by bonding standard thicknesses together, and the pads can be custom fabricated to any shape or size.

Distributed Isolation Material - DIMFAB

DIMFAB 280 is a low durometer elastomeric compound that meets the specification requirements for Distributed Isolation Material (DIM) MIL-D-24709. It is specified for use in US Navy submarines and surface ships.

DIMFAB is a proven solution where structure-borne noise, shock or vibration is a problem. These mounting pads are specifically designed to perform successfully in applications where DIM mounts are required.

A major feature of these pads is that they can be readily cut to any desired shape or size for easy installation in a wide variety of applications.

Additionally, DIMFAB pads meet or exceed Naval specifications regarding environmental requirements including salt spray, temperature storage, oil immersion, ozone, etc.

Soft Support Systems for Aircraft Ground Vibration Testing

Aircraft undergo ground vibration testing (GVT) to gather and analyze dynamic modes of the aircraft. The structural dynamic characteristics of a new aircraft are important because they reveal mode shapes, structural damping and more importantly are used to predict flutter behavior.

To obtain accurate results during GVT, the modal testing of the aircraft requires simulation of a "free-free" condition.

Fabreeka® has been successful providing soft support systems (SSS) for GVT for large and small aircraft. Vertical and horizontal natural frequencies as low as 0.4 Hz have been provided as well as jacking systems used in conjunction with the SSS, which reduce the set up time for the GVT.

Fabcel Vibration and Shock Isolation Pads

Fabcel® is a high-quality elastomer molded into 18" x 18" scientifically designed vibration and shock isolation pads. Fabcel® pads may be cut to smaller and used in multiple layers to obtain lower natural frequencies.

The Fabcel® pad surfaces have patented molded recessed offset cells to allow flow of the elastomer when under load, while maintaining lateral stability.

This design eliminates the shape factor usually associated with elastomeric materials. Fabcel® pads are available in load ranges from 5 to 300 psi and are typically used to isolates pumps, engines, generators and fans.

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