Rheinbahn AG Düsseldorf, Germany uses eyevis large screen

eyevis - Visual Display Systems

The Rheinbahn AG is the public transport provider in for the communities of D�sseldorf, Mettmann and Neuss.

More than 700,000 passengers per day make use of the services of the Rheinbahn AG. That makes more than 210 million people per year. 95% of the company is held by a holding association, the remaining 5% belong to the city of Düsseldorf.

313 trains on 7 city railway lines and 13 tram lines, 368 busses on 92 bus lines cover a transport network of 1,600 kilometres with more than 1,500 stops. The operating area of the Rheinbahn AG extends to 55 kilometres in North-South direction and just as much in East-West direction.

The centres of the area are the communities of Düsseldorf, Mettmann and Neuss, with about one million inhabitants all together. There are not many public transporters that can claim the same number of passengers, which are a result of the wide service range of the Rheinbahn AG. Within its operating area every second person uses the public transport for getting into the inner city of Düsseldorf.

Over the past years the company has introduced a dynamic passenger information system that informs the passengers about the departure times, delays and other events with the help of electronic Displays on most of the stops of the busses and railways.

For the survey of its transportation network, the necessary data for the logistic processes and several video cameras can be displayed on a large screen display from eyevis. The cubes are set up in a 4x2 configuration and create a continuous desktop surface. The system is operated through a highend netpix graphic controller. The netpix controller also provides the necessary input ports for the connection of the system to the various data signals.

The eyecon basic wall management software with its upgrade -modules make the control of the system very efficient. The displayed data is continuously captured on the ECS server, and the eyecon alarm management automatically reacts on any defined events on the display. The redundant design of the controller and the server guarantee an optimal availability of the system.

The installation in Düsseldorf contains the following eyevis components:

  • 8 x EC-65-SXC (modular rear-projection cube with 65" screen diagonal and SXGA resolution [1280x 1024 Pixel]).
  • 1 x NPX9108R graphic controller (with 1 x RJ45, 4 x FBAS/Y/C, 16 x FBAS analog, 4 x real-time VGA inputs and 8 x DVI out).
  • 1 x eyecon Basic wall management software (Upgrade: eyecon API, Multi-operator, Alarm management, Capture, Wall/Client Preview).
  • 1 x ECS 900 R server Moveable basements with rolls for the cube wall.
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