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Through constant contact with soldiers, the ESS development team designs products that meet the specific needs of those actually wearing them. As the face of combat evolves, ESS looks to the future with an ongoing commitment to bring its customers the finest, most advanced eye protection available.

ESS eyewear features ESS Modular Technology™, which allows quick interchange of all product components. In addition to rapid changing of lens colors, for example, this modularity offers long-term savings by allowing users to replace individual damaged parts without having to purchase entire new systems.

Extra-thick polycarbonate lenses have Clear ZoneTM anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings, distortion-free optical clarity, and provide 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Advanced frame technology allows for increased peripheral vision, saving lives by expanding a soldier’s field of view.

ESS lenses exceed standards of ANSI Z87.1 and the U.S. Military’s .22 caliber ballistic impact requirement MIL-V-43511C. They can stop a shotgun blast from 35 feet.

Fully filtered perimeter vents dramatically reduce fogging, keep airborne particles away from the eyes, and repel liquid splashes.

ESS stands proudly behind its products. We warrant our products against defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.


ESS’ flagship goggle—created with direction from elite U.S. Special Forces groups, the Profile NVG™ is the only compact military/tactical goggle system with no compromises. It has all the advantages of a low profile, night-vision compatible frame, without sacrifices in dust filtration, field of view, impact protection, or anti-fog performance. Includes two ballistic lenses—Clear and Smoke Gray—and a durable storage pouch. Available withStealth Sleeve™, Laser Lens, or prescription lens carrier.

ESS Striker⢠seriesI am a deployed U.S. soldier with the 656 Trans Co. I was issued ESS goggles and I must say these goggles are far superior to previous models I have used in my military service. Thanks for making a great product! — SSG, 544 MT BM not pictured



Strike by land, air or sea. Featuring a roomier frame that fits over most eyeglasses, the versatile ESS Striker™ series comes in three models designed to meet the demanding needs of soldiers.


Designed specifically for all-day use with cranial-style helmets, the ESS Flight Deck™ is authorized for use in the U.S. Navy and is recommended for fleet wide replacement of the Sun, Wind, & Dust goggle. Includes two ballistic lenses: Clear and Smoke Gray. Fits over most glasses and is available with a prescription lens carrier.

George W Bush likes his goggles

ESS Flight DeckGoggle The ONLY commercial goggle approved for use on U.S. Navy flight decks.


The Vehicle Ops™ goggle is designed for soldiers exposed to harsh environments while operating vehicles. The high-density, restricted-perimeter filtration is the ultimate barrier against airborne debris while travelling at high speeds. Includes two ballistic lenses: Clear and Smoke Gray. Fits over most glasses and is available with a prescription lens carrier.

Vehicle Ops⢠goggle


The most universal goggle for all your eye protection needs, the Land Ops™ is an improved goggle system for highly active ground troops. For safety, performance, and comfort, the Land Ops™ cannot be beat. Includes two ballistic lenses: Clear and Smoke Gray. Optional Stealth Sleeve™. Fits over most glasses and is available with a prescription lens carrier.

Land Ops⢠is an improved goggle system


The ESS Interchangeable Component Eyeshield (ICE)™ is a lightweight, frameless eye protection system that offers a unique combination of high-ballistic impact resistance, unrestricted field of view, and interchangeable lenses for effective eye protection in any light condition. Adjustable ear bends allow for a comfortable, secure, anatomical fit. Telescoping temples offer bend-to-fit inner-wire ear tabs and a snap-on leash system. 100% UVA/UVB protection. Available with prescription lens carrier.ESS Interchangeable Component Eyeshield (ICE)â¢

Dear Sir, I thought you might like to hear that your product saved my vision tonight. I was shooting a semi-automatic pistol at an indoor range while wearing a pair of ICE glasses when I experienced a case detonation. Smoke, blast forces, fragmentation...bummer! After cleaning the pistol and counting all my fingers, I used a cloth to remove what I thought were powder flakes from the lenses. I noticed that high-speed primer and/or cartridge case scored both lenses. Scored but NOT penetrated (or even close may I add). Had I not been wearing my ICE glasses, I am convinced I’d be blind right now. So please accept my thanks for an excellent product. Best wishes, — William Aprill not picturedNew Orleans, LA


The ultimate in anti-fog technology. Even in the most extreme conditions, the Turbo CAM™ prevents lens fogging that impairs vision during high-intensity operations. The patented Turbo CAM™ fan unit draws airflow in through the lower edge of the goggle frame and forces humid air out the top at 15,000 rpm.

Turbo CAM⢠prevents lens foggingWe have tested the Eye Safety Systems goggles and are particularly impressed with the ESS Turbo CAM. Its durability, reliability, function, and performance have proven to be a top choice for our trainees who work on S.W.A.T. teams. For those of us who must work in inclement weather—from humid, hot days and nights to frozen tundra in upstate NY winters—fogged eye systems are an intrinsic problem, one that you have answered. Form, function, and fit come together in your system and allow vision to be clearer and eyes to be protected. —Ken Coopernot pictured Director, Tactical Handgun Training of NY, Inc.



The new benchmark for tactical antifog performance. The ballistic dual thermal lens provides outstanding anti-fog protection. The 40mm strap has a rear buckle for quick release. Includes a protective pouch and Tear-Off lens covers.

Developed specifically for use with helmets, the SC Thermal features a slim 26mm strap and the patentedSpeed Clip™ system for quick strap adjustment. Pull on the strap tabs for a firm, secure fit or rotate theSpeed Clips™ forward to loosen the strap tension. Velcro tab attachments firmly secure the goggle strap to the helmet. Includes a ballistic dual thermal lens to combat fogging, a protective pouch and Tear-Off lens covers.

An economical high-performance goggle with all the core performance features of the tactical line, without the accessories. Includes a highly fog-resistantClear Zone™ ballistic single lens.


ESS Modular Technology™
ESS eyewear features ESS Modular Technology™, which allows for quick interchange of all product components. In addition to rapid changing of lens colors, for example, this modularity offers long-term savings by allowing users to replace individual damaged parts without having to purchase entire new systems.

ESS Stealth Sleeve™
Eliminates glint off the lens and keeps the goggle clean and scratch-free when not being worn.

Replacement Lenses
ESS Modular Technology™ allows all lenses to be quickly and inexpensively interchanged. ESS offers both single and dual thermal lenses in Clear, Smoke Gray, Amber, or Laser.

Rx Carrier Lens Insert
For those with prescription eyewear, this is the solution. After an optometrist has corrected the lenses, the Rx Lens Carrier snaps into the Profile NVG™, and theICE™ nosepiece for a low profile, lightweight prescription integration. Rx insert also available forStriker™ Series.

Laser Lenses
As part of its quest to protect soldiers from the dangers of modern warfare, ESS utilizes the latest technology to provide Laser Protective Lenses (LPLs) for the most commonly used laser wavelengths: 694nm and 1064nm. Other wavelengths available.

Tear-Off Lens Covers
ESS Tear-Off Lens Covers are thin; optically clear films that stack on the outside of the goggle lens. Tear-Offs can be quickly removed, one at a time, to instantly restore clear vision. While great in dirty and dusty environments, Tear-Offs also protect the goggle lens during normal use. Available for Profile NVG™ and Striker™ Series.


ESS understands that not all hazards exist on the battlefield, so we created sunglasses comfortable and cool enough for downtime, yet functional and rugged enough to protect against unexpected situations away from the front lines.


Introducing CDI™—the soldier’s sunglass. This lightweight, low profile ballistic sunglass is the first of its class. ESS’ Lateral Exchange System™ allows our extra-thick, high-impact lenses to be easily exchanged for quick adaptation to your environment—from beach to battlefield, high noon to midnight. Black frame with Clear and Smoke Gray ballistic lenses included. Other lenses available.

The durable nylon frame of the ESSFlyby™, paired with 2.2mm polycarbonate ballistic lenses, offers broad coverage for comfort, safety, and style. Lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. Midnight Blue or Black frame. Large fit.

The Recon’s™ sleek frame design offers an excellent balance between coverage from flying projectiles, filtration of harmful UVA/UVB rays, and a smooth, sporty look. 2.2mm polycarbonate ballistic lenses. Translucent Silver or Black frame.

The polarized, metal-framed Fusion™ is the ultimate in style to help you enjoy your time off the battlefield. ESS fused a lightweight aluminium alloy frame with polarized ballistic lenses to enhance comfort and reduce glare. 2.1mm polycarbonate lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. Brushed Silver frame.


''On 07 April 2003, 1430hrs vic. Baghdad (obj. MOE), my platoon, third platoon Aco 3-15, had been fighting as part of Task Force 3-15 IN on obj. MOE vic. Hwy 8. The fighting was very intense—for 18 hrs we had been in contact with the last stronghold of Saddam’s zeros. After returning from a casualty evacuation mission along RPG alley, I reoccupied my original position on Hwy 8 overlooking the west bound lanes. Myself (the Platoon Sergeant) and my crew had just engaged and destroyed one of many RPG teams when our vehicle took a direct hit from an overlooked RPG team on our left flank, destroying our TOW missile launcher and my Bradley commander’s hatch. I was hit in my neck, left shoulder, and face with shrapnel, but thanks to my ESS goggles, my eyesight is still intact—no shrapnel penetrated my ESS goggle lenses at all. As you can see, these goggles still have the shrapnel in the lens. I fought through the shrapnel in the shoulder and neck and continued to bring fight to the enemy. I believe that if the shrapnel had hit my eyes, it would have taken me and my crew out of a serious and historic fight, which resulted in the fall of the Saddam regime. Who knows, obj. MOE could have been the turning point of the war by giving the enemy a big boost in morale and making our fight that much harder. Thank you very much for your wonderful product. I’m a believer in your product, PROTECTING EYES ONE BATTLE AT A TIME.''—SFC Morales, Aco 3rd BN 15th IN


''As you know, the Division got the Profile NVG Goggles. They have worked great! They work + Soldiers like them = They are worn! Appreciate it.''- LTC, 101st Airborne not pictured


''We have been using the ESS goggles for 6 weeks now, in weather conditions ranging from the mild temperatures and low humidity of Southern California to the high humidity/rain and high temperatures we have experienced during the last three weeks while operating in the Japan/Korea area. The goggles have received a resounding, "thumbs up" for their improved comfort, field of vision, clarity, and durability.'' - LCDR (CVW-2) not pictured

ESS products are made in the U.S.A.

Picture at the top: Soldiers from the U.S. Military’s Third Infantry Division charge towards Baghdad. In support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, ESS has supplied thousands of high performance goggles to U.S. and Allied forces.

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