DRASH Speciality Shelters


Arctic Tent

Part Numbers: 10 Man 00800G (Green); 00800T (Tan) 14 Man SH201-0907G (Green); 14 Man SH201-0907T (Tan)

Arctic Tent Features:

  • Designed to hold up to extreme conditions.
  • Sets up in minutes with minimal personnel.
  • Easily packed onto an Ahkio Sled for transport.
  • Five-year warranty for materials and workmanship.
  • Liner is made of permeable cotton sheeting that helps to insulate the tent.
  • Two doors on opposite sides and four built-in ventilators provide air flow.
  • Supports the Army's Family of Space Heaters (FOSH). May also be heated by a Yukon Stove.
  • Built-in shelter skirts allow snow or weight to assist in the insulation and staking of the tent.
  • Removable floor is made from a heavy duty polyester material to provide a barrier against insects and vermin, abrasion and ground moisture.
Arctic Tent

Arctic Tent Standard Components:

  • XYTEX® Tent Material with Fire-Resistant Liner
  • Stovepipe Opening, Vents & Foot Stops
  • Tent Cover for Storage or Easy Transport
  • Removable Floor
  • Door Flaps with Zipper, Clips and Tie Tape
  • Snow Cloth
  • Telescopic Tent Pole
  • Wind-lines & Eaves
  • Stakes & Tent Slips

Arctic Tent Specification:

    10-Man 14 Man
Height (Peak) ft.
Height (Eave) ft.
Length (on each side) ft.
Width (hexagonal floor diameter) ft.
Usable Area sq. ft.
sq. m.
Weight (Tent and Liner) lb.
Weight (Pins and Pole) lb.
Packed Volume cu. ft.
cu. m.

EMI Shelter

EMI Shelter Features:

  • Designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from the effects of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Robust grounding system protects personnel from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Electrical System Fault.
  • High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) protection significantly reduces electromagnetic pulse effects to protect internal equipment.
  • Interior cover, floor and doors are constructed from independently-tested RFI blocking material for a completely enclosed shield.
  • Lightning Protection System (LPS) mitigates the risks of direct lightning strike to the shelter.
  • Includes greater than -50dB attenuation of RFI over a frequency range of 150MHz to 3.0GHz.
  • Operable in weather extremes from -50of to 131of.
  • Five-year warranty for materials and workmanship.
  • DRASH EMI Shelters are available in C, S, XB and M Shelter variants, offering 109 to 748 square feet of usable space.
  • Each EMI Shelter can be integrated with a special Utility Support Transport Trailer to provide a seamless power & environmental control package.
  • Interconnects with other shelters to increase overall footprint.
EMI Shelter

Satellite Antenna Shelter

Part Numbers: 0070TG (Green), 0070TT (Tan) NSNs: 8340-01-467-9325 (Green), Pending (Tan)

Satellite Antenna Shelter Features:

  • Multiple "smiles" cut into the cover help reduce high wind loading.
  • Operable in weather extremes from -50 Ì to 131 ÌF (-45.5 ÌC to 55 ÌC).
  • Designed to provide cover and concealment to satellite antennas up to eight feet in diameter while providing workspace for personnel. Deploys in minutes. No assembly required and no loose parts. No special tools are needed.
  • Has met all military wind requirements as per testing at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.
  • Five-year warranty for materials and workmanship.
Satellite Antenna Shelter

Satellite Antenna Shelter Standard Components:

  • Ground Stake Loops and Wind Line
  • Interior Staking Loops and Stake Set
  • Repair Kit
  • Operators Manual/Instructions
  • Push Poles
  • Transport Bag
  • TITANITE® Frame with Pre-Attached Exterior XYTEX® Cover

Self Enclosed Annex Lobby (S.E.A.L.)

Part Numbers: 91100G (Green), 91100T (Tan) NSNs: 8340-01-484-6713 (Green), 8340-01-484-6711 (Tan)

Self Enclosed Annex Lobby (S.E.A.L.) Features:

  • DRASH shelter with a truncated opening on opposite ends.
  • Hard door can be attached to form an entry control point.
  • Maintains blackout and climate conditions.
  • Can be deployed in minutes.
  • Creates a framed external entryway between XB and S Series Shelter doorways and a framed passageway between two XB or S Series Shelters.
  • Five-year warranty for materials and workmanship.
Self Enclosed Annex Lobby (S.E.A.L.)

Self Enclosed Annex Lobby (S.E.A.L.) Standard Components:

  • Ground Stake Loops and Wind Lines
  • Interior Staking Loops and Stake Set
  • Repair Kit
  • Operators Manual/Instructions
  • Push Poles
  • Transport Bag
  • TITANITE® Frame with Pre-Attached Exterior XYTEX® Cover

Decontamination System

Perfect for Homeland Response Forces (HRF), Chemical Biological Rapid Response Teams (CBRRT), and all military forces with decontamination responsibilities, DRASH decontamination solutions are based on state-of-the-art shelter technology to ensure thorough NBC decontamination for the maximum number of patients or personnel while minimizing the amount of time needed for setup.

The durable, fully-operational, decontamination systems deploy in any terrain and can withstand extreme weather and temperature conditions. Our decontamination systems are based on the patented Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH), a free-standing, self-supporting structure that requires no power or air to erect. Our systems rapid deployment capabilities are specifically engineered to effectively decontaminate both male and female ambulatory, non-ambulatory patients and technical work crews in the event of a CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) incident.

Decontamination System

Perfect for deploying in any situation with only minimal personnel, our system includes an open interior for rapid decontamination, curtains for patient modesty, a collapsible-wall berm for complete run-off containment, multiple showerheads and spray wands, and a self-heating, thermostatically-controlled multi-fuel water heater that provides up to 28 gallons per minute - all deployable in less than 6 minutes.

Other options include interoperable water heating systems, roller systems, patient tracking materials, lighting and environmental control systems. Larger systems include privacy curtains for separate undress, shower and redress areas. Fully operational system berms contain all water runoff, significantly reducing the chance of cross contamination. Additionally, each decontamination system can be equipped with a transport-style duffel bag, repair kit, push poles, wind lines and a steel pin stake set.

Mobile Hygiene System, 8 Stall Complete

Part Numbers: RDPK0371 (Green), 1010044 (Tan)

Mobile Hygiene System, 8 Stall Complete Features:

  • Various shower and sink configurations available to meet customers' needs.
  • Includes a durable, fire retardant, mold and mildew resistant, waterproof cover.
  • Frame is manufactured from Titanite®, an aerospace composite material with superior structural properties.
  • Individual shower stalls include 2.5 gpm showerheads with quick-connect fittings and built-in shut offs.
  • Shelter sets up in minutes without the use of special tools.
  • Wash basins and six-foot long benches form the common wash area.
  • "Intellipump" automatically turns on with the presence of water and turns off when level is below 1⁄4 inch.
  • A rigid-wall containment berm features 8" high side walls and raised floors for optimum water runoff conditions.
  • Plumbing lines are integrated into the interior shelter frame, allowing for an easier and more rapid set up. They are supplied by 35-foot, heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant hoses that connect them to the water heater via Cam-lock fittings.
Mobile Hygiene System, 8 Stall Complete

Mobile Hygiene System, 8 Stall Complete Major Components:

  • Shelter with integrated plumbing
  • Water Heater and water hoses
  • Water Supply Adapter Kit
  • Sinks
  • Benches
  • Lights
  • Bladders, fresh and waste water
  • Containment Berm
  • Elevated Grid Flooring

G2 Water Heating System*:

  • 425,000 BTU/28 gpm self-heating, thermostatically-controlled system.
  • Thermostatically-controlled, built-in, anti-scald protection device; in-line GFI protection.
  • 1/5 hp, 120V, 60 hz, single phase burner motor runs at 3,450 rpm.
  • Solid state, no flame electrical system ignites on water flow.
  • 10-gallon onboard fuel tank with drain plug; multi-fuel use. Fuels include diesel, kerosene, home heating oil, JP4 or JP8.

* EU models available, please contact DHS International representatives for more information.

Patient Isolation System

Patient Isolation System Features:

  • Provides 402-515 usable square feet of negatively or positively pressured treatment space.
  • Anteroom wall can also be tied back to open up the shelter for other uses.
  • Zippered entry & exit doors & heat-sealed viewing windows provide complete containment, allowing personnel to view inside shelter without entering.
  • Biologically secure staff anteroom allows medical personnel to don or doff gear before entering and after exiting pressurized patient treatment area.
  • Available with filtration/HVAC system or stand-alone filtration system.
  • Sets up in minutes with minimal personnel.

Patient Isolation System Standard Components:

  • Ground Stake Loops and Wind Lines
  • Interior Staking Loops and Stake Set
  • Repair Kit
  • Operators Manual/Instructions
  • Push Poles
  • Transport Bag
  • TITANITE® Frame with Pre-Attached Exterior XYTEX® Cover
Patient Isolation System

State-of-the-Art Filtration Systems

Two filtration systems are available for use with the Outdoor Patient Isolation System: a stand-alone filtration system and a filtration/HVAC system.

Filtration/HVAC System:

  • Airflow: 2220 cfm.
  • Power ratings of 240 volt, 50 amp, 60 Hz.
  • Auditory alarm and light indicator detect filter blockage and/or UV failure.
  • Two banks of two elements for low and high heating.
  • Onboard adjustable dampers for positive and negative pressurizing.
  • Remote thermostat allows for dual level heat-ing and single level heating.
  • Pressure Differential: 0.1" to 0.12" WC.
  • HEPA filter and UV lamps.
  • Automatic overheating shutdown.
  • Heat and cooling outputs of 60,000 BTU.
  • Dimensions: 35.5"W x 69.25"L x 73"H.
  • Weight: 862 lbs.
  • Flexible, foil-coated, disposable air input/output ducts:
    Female input connectors on unit port; male duct collars.
    Male output connectors on unit port; female duct collars.

Stand-Alone Filtration System:

  • Portable, all-weather design for use in the elements.
  • Constructed from powder-coated aluminum alloy case.
  • Airflow: 2,500 CFM.
  • Power: Three phrase, 230VAC 8A, 60 Hz.
  • Heavy-duty, all-terrain casters allow for field applications.
  • CDC Capacity: 12 ACH in spaces of up to 12,500 CFM.
  • Filtration: 99.99% @.3Microns.*
  • Ozone Free Germicidal UV @253.7 nm.
  • Automatic controls.
  • Power, filter and pressure indicators.
  • Dimensions: unit: 33"W x 41.1"L x 63"H, duct: 16".
  • Weight: unit: 280 lbs., filters: 20 lbs. ea.
  • System maintains positive or negative pressure of 0.01 WG for isolation to meet CDC guidelines for infection control.
  • Three horsepower, variable control, belt drive industrial grade motor with 1 and 1/8" shaft.

Optional Features:

  • Software package for data logging.
  • Web browser capability for access of web.
  • Ozone Generation for additional sterilization method of the air purification unit.
  • Remote notification of alarm status to PDA, Cell, Pager.

* Each filter is individually and independently certified with an efficiency test rating. 99.99% is the maximum efficiency level. Minimum efficiency is 99.97%.

Entry Control Point

Part Numbers: 1009460

The DRASH Entry Control Point combines the DRASH Self Enclosed Annex Lobby (SEAL) Shelter with a impact-resistant, hard door to offer users a secure, extended entryway in which personnel can control access into any DRASH facility.

Entry Control Point Features:

  • Deploys in minutes to provide 31 square feet of usable space.
  • Window includes a pre-attached blackout cover for light discipline.
  • Built-in latch keeps door shut regardless of high winds.
  • Door can be sold seperately to attach to any C, XB, M or J Series end cap door within minutes.
  • Self-closing hinges shut door securely behind user.
  • Lightweight design allows for easy transport.
  • Door comes preattached to 3'6" x 4' x 2" sheet of BikeTrackTM flooring for easy opening and closing; can also be mounted to any similar hard flooring.
  • Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions; door is constructed from impact-resistant fiberglass.
Entry Control Point
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