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The Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter, or DRASH, is a complete system that provides shelter, mobility, lighting, heating, cooling and power distribution in one package to form a total infrastructure solution.

The U.S. military and NATO forces have deployed DRASH for more than 20 years to establish rugged, user-friendly command and control centers, rapidly deployable medical treatment facilities, life support areas, and maintenance and logistical support facilities.

DRASH has also been deployed by the armed forces of Australia, Austria, Germany, Israel, Japan, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom, to name a few. Today, DRASH is considered the most tested, proven and trusted infrastructure in use around the world.

Quick Deployable Shelters

DRASH quick deployable shelters range in size from 109 to 1,250 square feet and can interconnect to increase a structure's overall footprint. The shelters are comprised of a frame, pre-attached cover and ground cover, allowing the user to set up the shelter within minutes without buying special tools or dealing with loose parts.

The shelter's frame uses technologically advanced components to ensure that there is no breakage, even under high wind conditions. One such component, Titanite®, is an aerospace composite that has superior structural properties. These properties were independently tested and proven 270 percent stronger than aluminum with the same diameter and cross section. All quickly deployable DRASH shelters meet Mil-Standard requirements for soft-walled shelters.

Military Transportable Trailers

DRASH transportable trailers are integrated support systems designed to provide mobility, power and environmental control to DRASH shelters. DRASH transportable trailers operate in all terrain acceptable for military vehicles, and they conform to established "safe for transport" criteria by the U.S. Military Transport Management Command (MTMC). Many trailers are also certified for air transport aboard select military aircraft.

Trailer Mounted Support Systems

DRASH provides the Trailer Mounted Support System (TMSS) for the U.S. Army's Standard Integrated Command Post System. The system is available in two variants - Medium and Large.

Set up within minutes, the DRASH SICPS TMSS Medium provides more than 442 square feet of usable space, includes a 5-Ton ECU, and allows for the use of up to 18 kW of power.

The Large system provides more than 1,120 square feet of usable space, includes a 12-Ton ECU, and allows for the use of up to 33 kW of power.

Both systems have proven they are completely towable by military vehicles and they maintain comfortable temperatures in climates ranging from -50º to +131º F.

DRASH Intelligent Power Technology®

DRASH Intelligent Power Technology® or IPT is a digital generator system that provides soldiers with the ability to control energy consumption on the battlefield. When IPT is active, it forms a micro grid of networked power that controls every generator underneath to adjust to changing power demands within a tactical operation center.

IPT recognizes energy inputs and supplies power only where it is necessary, reducing energy waste and overall fuel expenditure. IPT is easy to set up, as it is designed for plug and play capability. The system is transportable and fully equipped to operate in even the toughest terrain. Rigorous testing supports IPT's robust functionality, high mobility and energy efficiency ensuring that warfighters who choose IPT will operate with secure and reliable equipment. 

Shelter Accessorie

To enhance the capabilities of the Warfighter even further, DRASH offers shelter accessories that include power distribution unit (PDU) boxes, fluorescent lighting systems, wiring packages and portable heating systems. DRASH also offers accessories, options and spare parts to enhance every mission capability, including connectors, curtains, stake sets, plenums, vinyl windows and doors, and trailer deployment packages.

Installation of any DRASH support product or accessory is quick and easy, and spare parts are always in stock. All products include a warranty and are supported by training, continuous technical support and rapid delivery of spare parts.

Command and Control Equipment

DRASH Deployable Command and Control Equipment (DC2E) provides lightweight, portable communications technology by fusing multiple feeds of information onto single or multiple displays. Special features include touch panel control, high-resolution image display, diskless drive and 24/7 operating capabilities.

DRASH also provides Tactical Utility Field Furniture (TUFF) Tables, which are lightweight, rust proof, durable and built for field use. Tables crafted from powder-coated aluminum, include a hidden holder for digital accessories. Furthermore, they fold for easy transport and storage. 

New Products

Logistical Support

DHS Systems logistics representatives know that a rapid response time is critical to any military deployment or exercise. With multiple offices around the United States and representatives in different parts of the globe, DHS offers a number of ways to get equipment logistical support.

All of DHS Systems' logistics representatives are former technical or military personnel. DHS Systems believes that this experience helps personnel better understand and appreciate the needs and concerns of customer out in the field.


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