US Military Approved: Delfasco Ammunition Transport Containers – Land, Air and Sea

Delfasco, LLC

It is no accident that Delfasco are a leading supplier for the US Armed Forces. For the last three decades, the company have been producing high quality steel products at their manufacturing plant in Northeast Tennesse, which meet the most stringent and demanding requirements set down by the world's militaries and major contractors.

Delfasco's line of ammunition containers are no exception to this rule. Comprehensively tested, the vessels are designed to withstand impact, extreme temperatures and varying levels of pressure when being transported by land, air or sea.

  • Cylindrical and Square Bell Design
  • Pressure Regulation
  • Protective, Chemical Resistant Coating
  • Fastpack Adaptable
  • Durable
  • Stackable

Ammunition Containers

Delfasco Ammunition Containers

As used by the US Army, Delfasco Ammunition Containers are designed to provide a stable and constant environment for valuable munitions, such as tank rounds, which may react to moisture, extreme temperature, or any sudden movement caused in transit.

The cylindrical or square bell design makes the containers easily stackable when combined with Delfasco's steel pallets and adapters, delivering reliable fastpack solutions, which optimise storage space, secure munitions and best prepare stores for specialist operations, such as airdrop or deployment at sea.

Delfasco fastpacks also benefit from durable runners on the base of the pallets, enabling blocks of stores to be transferred easily and quickly. In fact, Delfasco's runners are so secure that can be attached to the rear of a vehicle, and behaving like skis, be towed across the desert if no other method of transport is available.

The packs are easy to assemble, using a modular structure to securely incase ammunition containers between the base and top pallet adaptors, so that vibrations and movement are restricted during transit.

Superior Quality Finishing

Delfasco Military Fastpacks

Prior to distribution, each container is carefully treated with Type One Zinc Phosphate as part of the company's advanced finishing process, strengthening the product's resistance to chemical spills or damp conditions, which could, for example, occur in a Navel vessel's hold.

For aesthetic quality, containers also receive a topcoat of paint suitable for the environment in which the product will be used. For example, an ammunition container intended for use in the desert will receive a topcoat of lighter color paint, providing discretion in sandy or arid environments.

Advanced Pressure Regulation

Some of Delfasco's more advanced ammunition containers are fitted with pressure regulation valves, so that ordinance can remain stable in the most challenging and changeable environments. For instance, when ordinance is transported by air, it is essential to maintain a constant pressure inside the container, so that it does not implode on its contents. This is particularly important during airdrop operations, where air pressure shifts rapidly as stores descend from an aircraft to the drop zone.

For reliable, carefully put together steel products that deliver in the most demanding battlefield situations, Delfasco are the supplier of choice for Lookheed Martin, SAIC, Sargent Fletcher and General Dynamics. More information on Delfasco Ammunition Containers

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