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SWIR Cameras for Airborne Surveillance and Armoured Vehicles

Defence Vision Systems (DVS) has over 20 years experience in the design, development and manufacture of camera systems for the defence market. Operating from their UK base in Robertsbridge, East Sussex, DVS products are used by major defence forces throughout the world.

DVS products now encompass a range of MIL-STD-810 surveillance cameras including ICCD, EMCCD (both high resolution monochrome and colour) and InGaAs (SWIR). Our military standard cameras are available as single spectral, multi-spectral and panoramic systems. The panoramic systems offer 20fps over viewing angles ranging from 120 degrees of vision through to full 360 degrees.

SWIR Camera

The DVS SWIR camera is ideal for both airborne surveillance and UAVs providing 24 hour capability from full sunlight down to starlight, operating over the range of 700nm to 1700nm. The advantages for the DVS SWIR Camera are that there is no change over mechanism, no intensifier and no image burn.

The SWIR camera is available in module form for integration into a larger imaging system or as a stand alone mono-body unit. In addition, as DVS are the designers and manufacturers of these devices, we are able to offer a custom service for building our cameras into difficult spaces and environments.

Outputs are user selectable and include analogue video, both CCIR and RS170 EIA or digital via a camera link interface. The latter may be modified to a high speed Gigabyte Ethernet (GidE) connection using an external conversion unit. GigE conversion units are available as a plug and play devices or they may be controlled using an on screen utility, allowing the user precise control of all operational parameters.

ICCD Camera

Defence Vision Systems' ICCD Camera is available in modular form for integration into a larger imaging system or as a stand alone mono-body unit. The monochrome ICCD Camera is available in analogue or digital video, our digital model using DVS unique high light flare suppression. DVS' ICCD camera provides high resolution monochrome images using an auto-iris lens to adapt to varying light levels from full sunlight to starlight.

EMCCD Camera

A more advanced version of ICCD technology, the EMCCD camera from DVS is a MIL-STD-810 camera system manufactured for UAVs, airborne and general surveillance operations. DVS EMCCD Camera offers the option of monochrome or colour imaging and features a high resolution x12 zoom lens. Both our monochrome and colour solutions are rugged and enable 24 hour surveillance. In addition, DVS colour EMCCD camera has the benefit of providing sharp colour video even in poor lighting conditions. To view a comparison between ICCD and EMCCD click here

Panoramic Surveillance Camera

The DVS Panoramic Surveillance Camera uses pioneering 360 degree vision technology ideal for use on UAVs, armoured vehicles, helicopters and military aircraft / compounds. Our panoramic surveillance camera is fitted with eight individual CCD cameras installed in one MIL-STD-810 unit. Images are displayed at an impressive rate of twenty frames per second and on a single monitor. To view imaging from DVS's panoramic surveillance camera, click here

Panoramic imaging can be displayed using a singular pillar box or, alternatively, two stacked pillar box images, one displaying the forward 180 degrees and the other the rear 180 degrees. In addition, DVS's panoramic surveillance camera is equipped with a high resolution zoom feature, which is suitable for the detailed examination of activity in both daylight and nigh time conditions. Our panoramic surveillance camera can be fitted with a variety of sensor packages including EMCCD, ICCD or SWIR.

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