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It all began 60 years ago with a machine-generated secret code to protect diplomatic cables. Today the Swiss company is a global leader in information security. Crypto AG was founded in 1952 by Swedish engineer and visionary Boris Hagelin in Zug, Switzerland. Since its modest beginnings in a garage, the business has grown into a company with 300 employees.
by Casha Frigo Schmidiger, Publicist

Crypto AG Celebrates 60 Years!

Over the past 60 years, Crypto AG has played a crucial part in shaping the rapid development of its area of specialisation and constantly led the way in providing information security solutions. In the process, the security provider has had an instrumental influence on each of the associated technology cycles. Speaking of technology, these past 60 years have seen the transition from mechanical to electromechanical products and from there to largely digitalised systems. Phone and HF radio were joined as means of communication by data applications such as e-mail and messaging as well as the entire range of social media applications such as Twitter, chatting and Facebook. After the era of mainframe computers and then desktop PCs, we are now witnessing steadily increasing mobility. Every person carries an average of 1.3 mobile devices around with him/her, especially mobile phones and tablet devices. In addition, transmission rates are growing at an extremely exponential pace. Just yesterday the rate was a few hundred characters per second. Today it is gigabits and tomorrow terabits.

World's smallest encryption unit
World's smallest encryption unit in the form of a microSD card and core element in an end-to-end security solution for office communication

However, complex web applications are also on the rise, especially for public authorities and governments. Innovations such as e-government, e-voting and e-money are becoming increasingly popular.


CRYPTROL T-450: the first tape and rotorless
online (TROL) encryption machine, i.e. the first
fully electronic "machine".

From product manufacturer to solutions supplier

These advances have continually opened up new and challenging fields of endeavour for Crypto AG. The company always had to anticipate advances in information technologies and still does. At the same time, it is supposed to detect, analyse and identify suitable ways to counter the new threats constantly arising. Crypto AG has always viewed these trends as opportunities and occasions for increasingly relying on and offering global and comprehensive security solutions. These solutions start with analysis based on security assessments and extend to project implementation and execution.

The latter includes periodical reviews
of the systems as contractually agreed. We are putting substantially more emphasis on services as a component of our overall range. As a general contractor, Crypto AG can therefore increasingly offer complete solutions from a single source.


CRYPTOPLEX MCC-314: first system of its kind to
enable data encryption and digital multi-channel

Today Crypto AG provides information security solutions to cover whatever its demanding customers want in all the relevant areas of ICT. And it takes into account all aspects of processes, people and technologies when doing so. After all, ICT security is not a permanent state. It is an on-going process that has to be constantly reviewed with these three factors in mind.

In our approach, we internalise our customers' ways of thinking and working and advise them to obtain their security solution from a single source instead of using encryption units at isolated points of their operations. This kind of solution entails in-depth assessment and careful training of end users on all products. The package also includes complete implementation of the system and the contractually agreed maintenance services.

To this end, Crypto AG has defined comprehensive information security solutions.

HC-8555 10 GB

HC-8555 10 GB: high-performance 10 Gbit/s
Ethernet encryption link encryption – the world's
fastest encryption unit.

These solutions have a modular structure and are subsequently specified with the customers to ensure that they satisfy whatever unique needs the customers have. Of course, Crypto AG supplies all its clientèle with customised solutions featuring an algorithm profiled by the customers themselves and ICT security architecture based on multiple lines of defence. With this customer-specific algorithm base, perfect cryptographic protection is assured. The overall information security solutions are ideally adapted to the user scenario.

Information security - past, present and future

Security can only be provided by absolutely trustworthy partners. Crypto AG is just this kind of partner the world over for its clientèle amongst civilian and military authorities and has earned this reputation honestly with 60 years of solid work. In addition, Crypto AG is a Swiss company and subject to no export restrictions, a fact many customers consider relevant.

Trust is a product of continuity. Since our founding in 1952, we have focused exclusively on this topic. And we will always continue to do so in the future: information security solutions from Crypto AG - for ever more!

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