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Civilian and military authorities worldwide use encryption technologies from Crypto AG to protect communication between individuals and organisations. Data volumes are growing, as is the complexity of the surrounding infrastructure. Users have to conduct comprehensive assessments to ensure smooth performance. However, classical security systems often reach their limits in cases demanding top security with no compromises.
By Casha Frigo Schmidiger, Publicist

Encryption Systems & Solutions

This is exactly where Services & Solutions, a business area at Crypto AG, steps into the picture. A high-cali- bre team of security experts can help our customers to plan, create and implement complete systems and solutions complying with the most stringent security standards. These experts intentionally expand classi- cal implementation methods by adding methods and solutions which they specially develop to achieve the highest possible security within the overall system. The range on offer extends from various consulting services to suggestions for specific solutions. The ris- ing demand for services and complete security solu- tions has motivated Crypto AG to group these items into a single business area called Security Services & Solutions under a new management. The advantage for our customers is that we can concentrate on their needs and provide them with our services even more quickly and flexibly.

Encryption Systems & Solutions

After all, management is so much more complex, net- worked and demanding than it was ten years ago. Managers have to take decisions under time pressure and quickly issue orders that are understandable and clear-cut. At the same time, people are less tolerant when it comes to accepting management mistakes. In short, managers today have to perform like profession- al athletes. Even that is not enough. Managers face growing threats from the ICT environment. Digital technology brings immense advantages but, at the same time, dangers of equal enormity. Those attack- ing digital infrastructure are often one step ahead of those defending it. Information security consequently becomes a key task.

Information security as an ongoing process

Managers need to concentrate on their core responsi- bilities and also communicate quickly and securely with their superiors and employees. For them to do so, a company must be able to depend fully on its security partner. Crypto AG is a global leader in information security with years of experience in the field. The company has a superb range of security technology, encryption systems, information security services and complete information security solutions. With this line-up, Crypto AG ensures that customers at civilian and military authorities can concentrate on their established areas of activity, secure in the knowledge that their flow of information is protected.

The implementation of information security has long involved much more than just installing hardware. It covers an array of services extending from status- quo analysis and tamper-proof implementation of high security to lifecycle management and the empower- ment of customers to operate installed solutions safely and autonomously in the long run. Information security is implemented as a logical project process that inte- grates all security services throughout the project.

From analysis to after-sales support and training

The object of Security Services & Solutions, the new business area at Crypto AG, is to support the security manager in achieving an ideal interplay of people, sys- tems and processes. Crypto AG's familiar and relentless call for top security is applied consistently throughout. This new business area, in turn, is based on five main pillars: Consulting Services, Implementation Servic- es, Education Services, Operational Support Servic- es and Lifecycle Management Services. It is important to note in this context that classical approaches to the implementation and operation of security solutions often reach their limits in cases demanding absolute top security. Crypto AG can address these issues with its self-developed approaches and then discuss appropri- ate solutions with its customers. With security experts from Crypto Consulting Services, customers can bring expert knowledge into their company. Crypto AG's se- curity experts will also check whether the organisa- tional processes and their technical and operational implementation unintentionally allow data theft or unauthorised access to data and whether the processes are professionally planned. With Crypto Implementa- tion Services customers can ensure that their security system is implemented in heterogeneous environ- ments applying maximum security standards in line with their objectives. The Crypto Academy bears the "Premium Class" mark of quality from the Internation- al Training Centre Institute. The Academy takes a holistic approach to training as summed up in Crypto Education Services. With these services, customers can counter the mounting threat in an informed and proac- tive way while also making effective use of Crypto AG products. "A system is secure if used seamlessly from end to end." That is the motto of Crypto Operational Support Services. These services give all-round sup- port for all installed products and solutions. Lifecycle Management Services constitute an important part of this sub-area. There, Crypto AG experts suggest recom- mendations and approaches for extending the life of systems wherever possible.

Successful implementation as illustrated by an e-government solution with a three-zone security system

We would like to share a success story that illustrates the success of Crypto Services. The government of a rel- atively small country commissioned Crypto AG to develop an e-government security solution. The key ministries and parliamentary services were to be protected in a joint ICT infrastructure using a secure Intranet. In addition, there were to be three informa- tion classification levels: "top secret", "secret" and "confidential", each with separate encryption solutions. The requirements were tough. Crypto AG was contract- ed to develop a full-coverage security architecture for the ICT infrastructure of the government. As a turnkey provider, Crypto AG was responsible for planning, cre- ating, and implementing a security solution and for transferring the necessary expertise to the customer. Another objective involved protecting the legacy Ether- net backbone between the organisations with a maxi- mum security encryption solution and defining various security and information classification levels and secu- rity zones. In the process, Crypto AG implemented 1-10 Gigabit Ethernet encryption units at all external links. End-to-end encryption for top secret applications was based on IP VPN encryption. All security management functions were grouped together in a centralised secu- rity operation centre (SOC). The contract also entailed implementing e-business and e-citizens functions, so Crypto AG assumed responsibility for training these external technology suppliers, too. Drawing on its com- prehensive range of expertise in consulting and imple- mentation, Crypto AG provided the government of this small nation with a fully functional e-government sys- tem. The government ministries can now engage in protected data exchange with each other and citizens can communicate risk-free with the authorities.

With our services, we furnish our customers with the expertise they need to concentrate on their core respon- sibilities. And we also give them the option of placing all other confidential issues in our trustworthy hands.

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