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Encrypted Data Transfer for Military IP Networks and SONET / SDH Encryption

Security solutions from Crypto AG are always individually tailored to the customer's security policy through the highly developed security architecture. Crypto AG has been the supplier of choice for defence organisations, presidencies, ministries and diplomatic services in over 130 countries. Founded in 1952, Crypto AG is a legally and financially independent Swiss company with 250 employees.

Crypto AG's Full Range of Services

Radio Encryption for Military IP Networks: HF, VHF, UHF

The flexible and universal MultiCom Radio Encryption HC-2650 can be used for virtually all frequency ranges (HF, VHF, UHF, SatCom) and operating modes (narrowband/wideband digital voice encryption, data encryption, secure messaging, IP VPN). MultiCom Radio Encryption HC-2650 is suitable both for single channel applications (mobile, desktop) as well as for integration in multi-channel command and control systems. MultiCom Radio Encryption HC-2650 allows connection to all radio or military IP networks. The system is extremely robust and can be used it in vehicles, tanks, coastal and ocean-going ships, aircraft and helicopters.

Secure IP VPN for Encrypted Data Transfer: Crypto Mobile Client HC-7835

The new Crypto Mobile Client HC-7835 IP VPN provides the perfect basic technology for users on the move by setting up an IP tunnel (secure IP VPN) for encrypted data transfer utilising IP encryption to render all communications in the network unreadable by unauthorised parties. This compact portable unit connects to any notebook with a USB and Ethernet cable and then establishes a connection to the communication network via Ethernet cable or, optionally, via WLAN or Bluetooth. Once the basic configuration is set up, the Crypto Mobile Client can be used as a plug-and-play unit for immediate encryption of communication. The Crypto Mobile Client is compatible with all other IP VPN units from Crypto AG.

SONET / SDH Encryption: HC-8546 STM-64

SONET/SDH Encryption (Synchronous Optical Network or Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) is a tried-and-tested technology for broadband data transport over optical networks. It ensures quality of service and allows the quick addition or dropping of streams of data between core and sub-networks. With this flexibility, SONET/SDH is eminently suitable for core networks at public authorities, armed forces and private companies in the banking and financial services sector. SONET/SDH Encryption HC-8546 STM-64 provides high-performance encryption over all linked network areas at the different STM layers. Thanks to an encryption speed of 10 Gbp/s (STM-64 hierarchy level) the entire available transport bandwidth can be used even in full duplex operation, with no performance loss during data transport.

Crypto AG Services

Crypto AG helps customers identify potential improvements in such areas as performance, efficiency, workflow, availability and security measures. Based on these recommendations, the appropriate systems are implemented in full compliance with the technical and security objectives defined.

The Crypto Academy provides training and education programmes tailored to the customer's unique system configuration and the individual profiles of their technical and security personnel. Customers can depend on Crypto AG's operational support to help them manage their daily operations and maintain a high level of system availability over the entire lifetime of their system. Crypto AG's experience in this field will help them extend the system lifetime to its maximum, and thus guarantee the best possible return on investment.

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