Tactical Communications

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When it comes to communication, language has a very important role. The main purpose of any form of two way radio communication is to share or convey a message, and so it has to be in a form which can be easily understood or assimilated by the receiver. There are many forms of communication systems and many types of communication. One most important type of communication is the tactical communication. What is tactical communication and how is it used and for what purpose?

Tactical Communications

Important decisions or orders or government proposals need a secured communication system to be transmitted. Tactical communications enable such secured transmission through electronic equipment. In olden times personal messengers will carry these private messages from one country to another. Even doves and signals through drums, flags or trumpets were used to convey secret messages during wartime or state of emergency. Later after the invention of telegraph and telephones the older system of communication became extinct.

The military, naval and air forces need a strong and well secured two way radio communication network to protect the highly confidential messages transferred. The government secret decision and top secret messages must also be safe guarded. Ordinary communication systems can work effectively for domestic or commercial purpose. But when we need a much advanced communication system which is focused on top security then a special system must be formulated according to the use and need.

Tactical Communications - Codan 3112An uninterrupted two way radio communication network which can work under all adverse conditions is what will fit these criteria. A normal message with common language is not very secured and thus codes and symbols can be used. Some develop a unique language which is known only to the related persons. Aerial commands or flight management is done with such tactical communication. During times of natural calamity or wartime, messages must be sent out faster and quicker for immediate relief. Wartime tactics or decisions are crucial and hence their transmission to the concerned commando or military headquarters is very crucial.

Tactical Communications - Codan NGTOne example of tactical communication systems is the join tactical information distribution system used by the United States Armed Forces and their allies for data communication. It is a high speed, highly effective computer to computer connected communication support which is used by Air Force Fighters and Submarines belonging to the Navy. It works like a data network linking many systems and managing data's effectively over a well secured platform. Another such example is the Combat Information Center which is also a tactical communication used by warships. It can manage, evaluate, collect and disseminate information for the commanding officers or flag officer. Tactical communication deals with transfer of any kind of information, special order, crucial decisions, etc from one place, person or organisation which is situated within the tactical forces. All this is done by means of modern highly effective electronic two way radio communications equipment well secured and error free.

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