EOD/IEDD Robots and Vehicles

Cobham Mission Systems - Unmanned Systems

Jointly owned by Rheinmetall Landsystems of Kiel and Bilz group, telerob combines the financial strength and stability of a globally active technology group with the competence and flexibility of a medium-sized company. A widespread know-how in different technologies such as sensor and robotics, telemetry and data transmission as well as electric/electronic control engineering is focussed in telerob making it one of the most experienced companies in Remote Handling Technologies.

Our main focus are products for a full range of EOD and IEDD applications which enables the bomb disposal engineer to carry out his delicate task at minimum risk to life and limb. telerob has been awarded by the UK MOD to design and develop the new generation of the UK Army major EOD RCV capability!

EOD-robot tEODor

Core product is the state-of-the-art remote controlled EOD-robot tEODor . In service in more than 25 countries in the world our high tech disposal system is setting the standard in remote bomb disposal technology:

  • The integrated tool magazine enables the operator to carry a full set of 3 additional tools or shooting systems
  • The tools are exchanged automatically thus allowing the operator to concentrate on his job
  • An integrated, intelligent diagnostic system enables global system status analysis or remote technical support via modem or Internet
  • Universal interfaces enable installation of all standard ballistic devices, including the Telemach, Dynergit, Richmond RE 70, PigStick, HotRod and Remington

EOD Robotics

EOD-robot teleMAX

Following his big brother, teleMAX will set a new standard in small bomb disposal robots. Available from November 2004 this incredible system will allow operation especially in confined areas:

  • A four track chassis will allow extreme mobility and obstacle capability
  • Its world wide first TCP (Tool Center Point) control of the manipulator will reduce approach times significantly and easy operations
  • Thus being designed as a small robot, teleMAX will provide vertical and horizontal reach that exceeds most of the large robots

EOD Robotics


Government agencies unwilling to settle for second best can now turn to telerob for special-purpose EOD vehicles type TEL 6xx. The TEL 6xx series is a family of vehicles specially developed for executing the difficult tasks of locating, identifying and neutralising improvised explosives and incendiary devices.

They range from the Rapid Response Vehicle - a small and fast all-terrain vehicle enabling immediate action to be taken at the crime scene - to medium-sized vehicles specifically designed for a search and detection role, as well as fully equipped IED vehicles with an operational weight of up to 7.5 tons.

telerob's top of the line bomb disposal vehicles are its XL Systems, which are mounted on medium-sized trucks. Here the bomb disposal engineer will find everything he needs in order to carry out his diverse and demanding work, from simple hook-and-line sets to large and small manipulator vehicles and digital audio and video systems. Working in close co-operation with specialist manufacturers, we produce anti-fragment build-on units and air-transportable containers with an integrated set-down system.

Four different weight classes (S, M, L and XL), two different integration principles (box bodies and build-on units), two cabin sizes (standard and crew cab), as well as a variety of wheel bases see to it that no customer requirement is ever left unmet. Four-wheel drive and a host of different engine variants can all be supplied, as can loading systems and concealed signal equipment.

It goes almost without saying that we are ready and able to provide customised systems specifically tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Bomb Disposal Systems

Cutting edge technology - in service worldwide

TEL 6xx IEDD/EOD vehicles are deployed by military and civil bomb disposal elements around the globe, as well as by special law enforcement units and airport security authorities. Our high-quality products enjoy a worldwide reputation for excellence, and can be found in the inventories of such diverse organisations as the security agencies of Central Asian states like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, the Argentine Air Force, the Saudi Royal Guard and Air Force, the Kueait National Guard, the ground forces of the United Arab Emirates and the German police and Armed Forces.

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