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Soldier Modernisation and BattleHawk Combat Management System

The flow of accurate and timely information around the battlefield is an essential part of Network Centric Operations/Network Enabled Capability. The key to success in any military operation is the ability for soldiers, at the combat level, to manage and control their environment and directly influence their situation, in real time, through decisive actions based on sound situational and tactical awareness.

Integrated Digital Soldier System (IDSS)

IDSS Technology

Cobham’s Integrated Digital Soldier System (IDSS) and its associated vehicle terminal (VT), provide fighting troops with a fully integrated Combat Management System that allows combat units to react rapidly to the ‘chaos of battle’. With full digital mapping, navigation, situational awareness and integrated command and control, IDSS makes a significant improvement to mission success, survivability, lethality and tempo of operations.

IDSS technology is radio agnostic and can utilise low bandwidth radios, such as Combat Net Radio, without major degradation in service. IDSS is equally at home with high bandwidth IP or non IP-based radios, where the additional data capability provides a more efficient degree of service between users.

BattleHawk Combat Management System

Soldier Modernisation

The core module to all systems is the BattleHawk Combat Management System. This system gives soldiers and armed forces personnel on the ground a fully integrated situation awareness and C4I capability.

This highly flexible and user friendly software runs on all the terminals including:

  • Soldier Data Terminals (Tactical and Planning)
  • Vehicle Terminal
  • Command Terminals (allowing the processing of maps)
  • Standard PCs for HQs and Training Environments

Key features of BattleHawk Combat Management System are:

  • SA using standard mapping and icons
  • Blue Force tracking
  • Navigation
  • Reports and returns
  • 3D terrain analysis
  • Command Aids
  • Geo-referenced free hand drawing and unreferenced white board
  • Display and manipulations of sensor data (ground sensors, still pictures and video)
  • Mission management, including replay of missions for post-mission analysis

Radio Interface Module (RIM)


The Radio Interface Module (RIM) is very small interface unit that connects the SDT to the outside world. Specific models of the RIM are available that connect directly to the bottom of Soldier Radios (replacing the battery) to provide a small and lightweight package that is easy to carry and does not impinge on load carriage or the soldier’s ability to manoeuvre.

The RIM has the following capabilities:

  • Connection to the main voice/data communications radio, either by direct connection or cabled (depending on radio variant)
  • Control and audio/data integration to a second radio
  • 2 x inputs for external sensors or devices
  • Contains 3 axis DMC and optional INS

All terminals used in IDSS and VTs run Windows XP Embedded OS. They are capable of running Windows based software, including third party applications such as Battle/Combat Management soldier modernisation systems.

Eagle Close Combat Radio

Working in the 2.4GHz band, Eagle is a third generation full duplex-networked close combat radio. It is specifically designed to provide the fighting soldier with a cost effective solution for modern requirements in voice and data.

Eagle enhances command and control at Section/Squad level and eases the burden of communications under stress in comparison to older, 1st generation, simplex radios. Eagle includes automatic rebroadcast for both voice and data to improve range and area coverage.

Soldier Data Terminal (SDT)

Cobham has two variants of the SDT available, the SDT – Planning (SDT-P) and the SDT – Tactical (SDT-T). Both systems are Windows XP based to provide the processing speeds required to meet current and future user requirements. Both the P and T have additional video outputs to enable the user to use a monocular or drive a much larger briefing display.

Vehicle Terminal

Vehicle Terminals

Cobham’s new digital vehicle terminal offers users of armoured or light vehicles a small rugged display with a 213mm daylight readable touch screen. The terminal is totally self-contained with all the electronics embedded into the unit, including full military specification power supply.

Running BattleHawk CMS, the platform system provides the same capability as IDSS and fully integrates into any BattleHawk CMS based system. The vehicle terminal will also run Windows software and third party applications such as battle/combat management systems.

Maritime Interdiction Operations System (MIOS)

Cobham’s C4I Maritime Interdiction Operations System (MIOS) is a Situational Awareness and Blue Force Tracking system specifically developed for secure Boarding Party and defence applications. The system has been designed to support Military, Coast Guard, Search and Rescue, Border Protection, Law Enforcement and Special Forces organisations who are countering the increased threat from piracy, smuggling and human trafficking.  Cobham has developed MIOS through its experience as a world leader in the design and manufacture of systems for land and maritime platforms.

Key benefits of MIOS:

  • Safer Boarding Party activities based on secure Situational Awareness (SA)
  • Secure tracking of vessels and personnel
  • More efficient use of assets
  • Ability to share data with coalition forces
  • Enhanced communications capability
  • Improved tempo of operations
  • System stretch to include land and airborne assets (Beach Master and Reconnaissance)
  • C4I system from Mothership to RHIB and Boarding Party Officer (BPO)
  • Intuitive operation and low training overhead”

Vehicle Intercom Systems and Platform Command and Control

Cobham is the world's leading manufacturer of vehicle intercom systems for platform communications, with over 130,000 systems in service worldwide.

Cobham's family approach to VIS provides the customer with a complete capability across a wide spectrum of platform types and configurations, ranging from light vehicles to heavy armour and tactical command centres using the new TacG2.

The addition to the family of the new TacG2 provides greater capability and flexibility in a network centric operational environment, whilst maintaining the battle damage resilience and reliability Cobham systems are renowned for.

TacG2 Design Principles


Ease-of-Use, high reliability, availability and 50 years company experience are the foundations that under pin Cobham's design processes. With new systems, such asTacG2, high reliability is carried over from ROVIS(AN/VIC-3) and LV2 architecture with greatly increased capability which includes Ethernet/IP connectivity.

ROVIS Intercom (AN/VIC-3)

This is the primary intercom system delivered by Cobham around the world for heavy and medium armoured vehicles. Designated AN/VIC-3 by the United States Army, it is the system of choice for all medium and heavy armour in the US (Abrams/Bradley/Striker, Paladin etc). ROVIS intercom offers full access control for all users over CNR with a centralised programming capability and pre-set storage.

LV2 Vehicle Intercom Systems


LV2 is a smaller variant of ROVIS(AN/VIC-3), fully qualified to armoured standards. Its small footprint and dual user crew stations make it an ideal system for light vehicles and Soviet armour. Fitted and proven in T72s, LV2 is a cost effective solution for the R series Soviet intercoms and does not require turret removal.


TacG2 incorporates the key features from ROVIS (AN/VIC-3) that make it the most reliable system available for military platforms. With the additional features, such as a comprehensive IP gateway/Interface, TacG2 offers users increased functionality and capability with the traditional robustness of design associated Cobham's systems. TacG2 successfully breaches the gap between individual platform systems and the modern requirement for platforms to be an integral part of a networked architecture.

Features of TacG2 include:

  • Full user control over their communications environment
  • Flexibility of configuration with single and dual user crew stations
  • Single box intercom capability
  • IP gateway for network and inter-vehicle working
  • IP and RS232 on all crew stations
  • Expansion Units for technology insertion
  • Remote control of radios (radio technology permitting)
  • Backward compatible with ROVIS(AN/VIC-3) & LV2 for migratory upgrades
  • Software upgradable over Ethernet
  • Up to 20 users and 12 radios per system

Cobham's Eagle Radio


Significant fire power and capability is available on modern platforms to support dismounted troops in combat. The ability to fully integrate dismounted and platform communications improves combat efficiency and mission success. By utilising Cobham's Eagle radio, Cobham takes integration a stage further with remote selection and operation of platform radios via a fully networked, full duplex data capable low cost soldier radio.

Significant fire power and capability is available on modern platforms to support dismounted troops in combat. The ability to fully integrate dismounted and platform communications improves combat efficiency and mission success. By utilising Cobham's Eagle radio, Cobham takes integration a stage further with remote selection and operation of platform radios via a fully networked, full duplex data capable low cost soldier radio.

Soldier Systems - Wireless Integration

On today’s modern platforms, there is significant combat power available to support dismounted troop and troops in combat. The ability of soldier systems to fully integrate communications improves combat efficiency, mission success and has been clearly shown to save lives.

Cobham pioneered the integration of soldier radios into VIS and can integrate any of the worlds leading soldier radios.

In addition to this, Cobham has extended their capability by developing their own soldier radio (Eagle) that provides the following key features when integrated:

  • Full duplex communications between dismounted troops and the platform
  • Remote access to platform combat net radio

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