DDR Cable Assemblies

C&M Corporation

C&M Corporation's Infiniband 4X Double Data Rate (DDR) cable assemblies passed the Infiniband Trade Association's (IBTA) electrical and Plug and Play system tests that took place this past October at the 12th IBTA Plugfest in Durham, NH.

DDR Cable Standard

One function of the Plugfest meeting is to determine if a manufacturer's products have met the IBTA's criteria for compliance and thereby allowing a company to be placed on the Infiniband Integrator's List. These devices are put through a very rigorous testing process to determine compliance as well as interoperability.

C&M is proud to be one of only eight companies in the world that has cables passing the Infiniband 4X DDR standard with a 20 Gb/second transmission requirement.

DDR Cable Assembly 

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