Training Insert Plates For Ballistic Floatation Vest

Buffers Marine AB

Buffers Marine AB has recently got a new order from the Swedish Defense Material Administration for training insert plates to ballistic vests.

Training Insert Plates

This is a model Buffers Marine developed in conjunction with their delivery of Ballistic Floatation Vest to the Swedish Navy a few years back. Instead of using ceramic or polyethylene plates in the daily training sessions they will use this “dummy” which is the same shape and weight as a standard ceramic level IV plate.

In a normal daily use the plates will take a lot of beating during the exercises, so this solution will save a lot of money as the real plates always will be functional when it comes to a sharp situation.

Training Insert PlateThis will now bea standard solution for the Swedish Armed Forces in the future. Buffers Marine AB has also developed their Ballistic Floatation Vest in a special training

version. The ballistic panels are replaced with a mock-up material with the same weight and configuration as a normal ballistic panel. This makes the training system complete and keeps the cost for maintenance and replacement at a much lower level than before.

Combat Vest

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