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British Airways is one of the top ten leading cargo airlines in the world, carrying over 740 million kilos of freight, mail and courier traffic to nearly 200 destinations in over 80 countries each year.One of the many reasons why people choose British Airways World Cargo as their preferred freight carrier is our extensive global network. Customers around the world recognise the advantage of our mainline network, freighter schedule and our ability to provide bespoke logistics solutions that provide unrivalled flexibility.Our aim is to create real competitive advantage for customers, and this requires a single-minded commitment to delivering our service promise on time, every time. This is achieved through our portfolio of products, which provides straightforward freighting solutions that are simple to use, clear to understand and focused on what matters most to our customers.At the core of our global network is Ascentis, British Airways' freight-handling centre at London's Heathrow Airport. Ascentis is one of the most advanced freight processing facilities in the world. The 83,000 square metre, technologically advanced structure symbolises our commitment to our global freight customers with the principle of 'moving freight to people' and not the other way around. Whether you're collecting or delivering cargo, the moment you arrive at Ascentis you will begin to experience a brighter more dynamic approach to freight handling.British Airways World Cargo also handles freight at London's Gatwick and Stansted airports and, in conjunction with its partner British Airways Regional Cargo, all of the main regional airports throughout the UK. Services from these airports are supported by an extensive trucking network connecting them with the London hubs.Our Special Handling Centre at London Heathrow is dedicated to freight that needs that extra bit of attention, including livestock, mail and our premium products, Express and Courier. We also have a unique Perishable Handling Centre (PHC) that handles over 80,000 tonnes of fresh produce, flowers, fish and seafood products every year. At the PHC, British Airways World Cargo offers its customers a number of value-added services including packing, labelling and quality assurance to meet the requirements of importers and major supermarket chains.

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