Bihrle Applied Research Inc.

Civil and Military Aeronautical R&D

Bihrle is a world-renowned aeronautical research and development company that has been serving the civil and military aviation industry for over 30 years. Bihrle maintains expertise in the areas of wind tunnel testing, flight-dynamics, flight vehicle design, flight modeling, and simulation. The company’s headquarters are in Jericho, New York, US and its engineering facility is located in Hampton, Virginia, US. Bihrle also owns and operates a wind tunnel facility in Neuberg A.D, Germany.

Bihrle’s core services include: (1) low-speed wind tunnel testing, (2) wind tunnel model fabrication, and (3) high-fidelity flight model development. Using the company wind tunnel or those of partner facilities, Bihrle offers a comprehensive suite of testing services which include static testing, dynamic testing, powered testing, and pressure testing. Bihrle specializes in developing novel methods of data collection and has an extensive inventory of acquisition hardware and software tools to assist customers with their needs. As a complement to wind tunnel testing services, Bihrle can oversee the construction or modification of most any type of scaled vehicle model.

With data gathered from wind tunnel tests or provided by the customer, Bihrle can develop high-fidelity simulation flight models which model the most challenging regimes of an aircraft's flight envelope - from all normal flight behaviors through stall, departure, spins and recovery. Finally, Bihrle markets DSix, a PC-based simulation software product used for development and deployment of aircraft flight models to a variety of applications ranging from desktop analysis to piloted training simulators.

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