Drop and Hook Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Advantage PressurePro

The Drop-and-Hook System, a first in the market, has been designed to work specifically with multi trailer fleets, allowing automatic tethering and un-tethering of trailers to tractors. The Intelligent Drop-and-Hook System is comprised of an Intelligent Monitor, Intelligent Repeater and Sensors.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The intelligent tire pressure monitoring system is mounted in cab and displays current pressures and alerts to a driver, or can be integrated with other telematics products in the vehicle to report pressures and alerts to an office/remote management system. Capable of reading 16 tires each on a tractor and up to 3 trailers, the 'IM' boasts a market leading 64 tire reading potential.

Drop and Hook SystemThe 'IM' can communicate with other devices in the tractor via RS232, J1708 or J1939 networks. (For cases where display in the vehicle is not important, the 'Intelligent Bridge' can be substituted when interested in reading pressures to a remote office based management system.)

The Intelligent Repeater (IR) is installed directly onto a trailer and hooks into the trailer's power (ABS) line, allowing communication of the trailer's Sensors with the Intelligent Monitor (or Bridge) in the tractor.

Drop and Hook Tire Pressure Monitoring

When the tractor and trailer are tethered, the drop and hook tire pressure monitoring in the tractor picks up the ID's, pressures and positions of Sensors on the trailer from the 'Intelligent Repeater'. When a trailer is unhooked and there is no communication for 20 seconds, the Monitor "forgets" that trailer and begins to look for new readings. When a new trailer is introduced, the Monitor recognizes the new 'IR' and accepts its full information. Multi trailer fleets utilizing the new line of Intelligent Products from PressurePro can take advantage of the substantial savings realized when tires are pressurized to optimal levels.

"We provide a tool that provides tremendous benefits from added savings, safety and reliability," stated Phillip G. Zaroor, President and CEO of Advantage PressurePro. "The continuous pressure information that PressurePro provides gives fleets the information they need to increase fuel efficiency, extend tire life, cut downtime, decrease maintenance fees, add safety, enhance braking and handling performance, and reduce carbon emissions. For the first time, fleets with a drop and hook nature will be able to capitalize on the benefits provided by PressurePro, and the savings reaped from doing so will be significant."

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