Adams Industries Night Vision Monoculars

Adams Industries Inc.

Adams Industries offer a wide range of night vision monoculars and accessories.  Monoculars are available with Pinnacle or GEN III image intensifiers to maximise low-light performance.

Night Vision Monoculars

Night Vision MonocularsAdams offer a wide range of AI/PVS-14 Series night vision monoculars.  All models offer a sharp, clear image.  Weapon mount  models feature a shuttered eyeguard to prevent projected light from illuminating the operator.

All models come with a soft case (also available separately), which can carry the PVS-14 together with batteries, attachments and user manual.  Waterproof military hard cases are included with some models, and are also available individually from Adams Industries.  Headmounts and neckcords come as standard, while many models also feature helmet and weapons mounts.

Other monocular accessories available from Adams Industries include battery powered magnetic compasses for low-light navigation, Glotape Kits and PHX JR IR Beacons.

Adams Industries: Goggles, Binoculars and Weapon Sights

In addition to Monoculars, Adams Industries offer a full range of goggles, binoculars and weapons sights, together with night vision helmets.  They also offer a comprehensive array of attachments, replenishment kits and fixed / handheld thermal imaging systems for military applications.

For further information, please take a look at the Adams Industries Catalog.

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