C&M Corporation

Military Cables and Assemblies

C&M Corporation is a vertically integrated manufacturer of custom cable, coil cords and cable assemblies. A worldwide, RoHS compliant, ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of advanced power and signal transmission cable and cable assembly solutions.

C&M employs the most current processes for lean manufacturing and cycle time reduction to deliver superior cost-competitive products. Services include mold tooling, contract manufacturing, environmental testing, private labeling, designing and computer-aided engineering.

Cables and Assemblies

Industrial / Medical, Military / Public Safety / Datacom / Telecom / Multimedia Cables and Cable Assemblies

C&M is well known for its problem solving & solutions, prototyping & tooling, testing & production, while our engineers work with you to develop a cable or cable assembly to meet your needs. Power, signal, control and data transmission cables and cable assemblies are designed and manufactured for the following markets:


C&M manufactures industrial cables and assemblies with ruggedness and high flexibility for power, communication signaling; process control, automation, robotics, CameraLink, Industrial Ethernet, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, VFD (variable frequency drive) and servo applications.


C&M’s medical cables and assemblies are dependable & consistent, contamination & harsh environment resistant, as well as aesthetically pleasing – for power, signal, control and data applications; including defibrillator cables, X-Ray cables, ETO / antifungal assemblies.

Military/Public Safety

C&M manufactures an array of military products from army tank cables to mobile two-way devices. C&M’s military and public safety cable and cable assemblies are designed for applications where dependability is essential; including harsh applications, helmet microphone booms, personnel communication assembly devices and headset coil cords.


C&M’s datacom and telecom cables & cable assemblies exhibit high speed & performance along with secure transmissions under extreme environments; including InfiniBand DDR 4X, DSLAM cables and OM1 / OM2 / OM3 / OS1 fiber assemblies.

Data Collection

C&M manufactures cables, interconnects and coil cord assemblies for data collection systems, barcode scanners and audio controlled data collection systems, including headsets, microphone booms and hand-held readers - all designed to withstand the most abusive conditions.


C&M manufactures multimedia cables and assemblies exhibiting high resolution and low signal loss along with versatile, high performance, easily installed cable. C&M specializes in composite and coaxial constructions; including 75 ohm coaxial cables, RGB & RGBHV cables.


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