Recoilless Disruptor / De-armers

Chemring EOD Ltd

Careful attention to design and construction all contribute to the feeling of a versatile product. Indeed, 1750 disruptors have been sold in over 45 countries since 2000.

Recoilless Disruptor / De-armers

The RE70M3+ represents our most powerful and adaptable disruptor/de-armer. Using a variety of purpose built cartridges this disruptor can be adapted as a close in water jet disruptor, a stand-off attack weapon and a close-in de-armer, depending on the operational requirement. As a close–in water jet disruptor it can fire traditional water shots, thickened water shots or water shots with penetrators for attack against hardened targets.

For stand-off attack it can use a variety of projectiles which will permit the EOD/IEDD operator to attack a target from a distance of up to 30m. As a de-armer it can fire a variety of metal projectiles to disable or disarm unexploded items of ordnance such as mortar bombs, fuzed artillery shells or unexploded aircraft bombs, some from a stand-off distance of 30m where it is suspected that there may be an anti-interference function on the fuze should it fail to function as designed.

The RE70M3+ can be deployed manually on its dedicated stand or remotely on a wide variety of large or small ROVs. When mounted on large ROVs the disruptor can be fitted to the RE700 IWC, depending on the ROV model and allows sighting through integral video cameras when pre-sighted using supplied lasers. Stand-off attack when deployed manually is achieved by either sighting using a supplied telescopic sight or by adjustment onto target using the two supplied lasers.

The equipment is recoilless and light enough to permit it to be mounted onto small to medium ROVs where the recoil from conventional disrupters or de-armers would damage the arm if not allowed to fly to the rear on firing.

The RE70M3+ can be supplied as a short scale (water jet disruptor only) or full scale version. Users who first purchase the short scale version can upgrade their kits by ordering the additional components at a later occasion.

Each kit is supplied with sufficient consumables to permit up to 10 firings, either as a disruptor, de-armer or stand-off attack weapon when used with the appropriate cartridge (supplied separately). Weight is reduced by the use of rifle grade steels and special alloys and all barrels, tools, accessories and consumables are stored in a single purpose-built transit case.

The bespoke power cartridges can be supplied for a variety of initiation options; traditional electric cartridges with leads, electrically initiated cartridges without leads and power cartridges initiated by Shock Tube. Power options are SHG (Super High Gas), HV (High Velocity) and MV (Medium Velocity). The type of cartridge to be used is determined by the type of attack or projectile. With the disrupters having a common heritage the amount of time spent in training on a varietry of disrupters is reduced because of commonality of parts and similarity in procedures.

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