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Military camouflage is the art of concealment. Created through materials, colours or a blend of both, the camouflage effect sees troops, armoured vehicles, aircraft, helicopters, ships and more all made to blend in with their environment. As a result, the enemy detection risk is minimised as much as possible. Camouflage takes many forms but tends to meet particular operational needs, so for example mimics desert shades or woodland/jungle surroundings. Radar absorption materials and netting are two further examples of camouflage. Find companies that can meet all your camouflage requirements in our list of top industry suppliers.

  • J & S Franklin Ltd

    Manufacturers and Suppliers of Textile Based Products and DefenCell Protection

    J & S Franklin Ltd has over 60 years of experience providing a range of military camping equipment and accessories. After over a decade of research and development, J & S and their partners have developed DefenCell.

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    United Kingdom
    151 The Strand, London, WC2R 1HL
  • JOESCO military barriers factory

    Military barriers bastion in China and got National Patent from government

    Military barriers, Joesco bastion not Hesco, Safety bastion, security barriers, protective structures guard post, rapid deployment joesco sand units bags, security fences, ballistic perimeter protection barriers, temporary accommodation perimeter wall

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    Wiremesh industry, Anping county, Hebei province, China, Anping, 050000
  • Ankels Supply Co.

    Suppliers of quality Military & Law Enforcement Equipment

    ANKELS Supply Co are a leading trading company based in Saudi Arabia. We specialise in providing quality Military And Law Enforcement Equipment

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    Saudi Arabia
    Riyadh, Riyadh, 11566
  • ArmourWorks International

    Military Vehicle Blast Protection and Armour Systems

    ArmourWorks International design, develop and manufacture a variety of military protection products. The solutions available are all aimed towards the company's main focus - troop survivability.

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    United Kingdom
    26 Bamel Way, Gloucester, GL3 4BH
  • I3 Corporation

    Signal Processing Technology

    I3 C develops hardware and software solutions to EW/IO requirements for lightweight low cost systems and subsystems.

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    E. San Carlos Avenue , San Carlos, 94070-2529
  • Intermat Group SA

    Thermal Signature Management

    Intermat is widely known for being the only company that exclusively provides thermal signature management.

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    Plastira str , Nea Smirni , 17122
  • shooter enterprises

    Manufacturers and exporters of Military gloves, law enforcement gloves, police gloves and nomex / kevlar gloves

    Nomex Flight Gloves, Tactical Gloves, Touch screen gloves, Shooting Gloves, law Enforcement Gloves, police Gloves, Mechanic Gloves, Motorbike Racing gloves, Nomex Car Racing gloves, Nomex flight suits and Nomex Hoods

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    yousaf manzil, jammu road, Sialkot, 51310
  • SSZ Camouflage

    Suppliers of Multispectral Camouflage Products

    SSZ Camouflage produce a range of multispectral camouflage solutions for military applications including infrared battle dress for soldiers, radar absorbing materials for vehicles and rapid deployment camouflage netting for large vehicles.

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    Grienbachstrasse 11, Zug, CH-6301
  • W & J Knox Ltd.

    Military Camouflage Nets

    W & J Knox was established in 1778 and has been manufacturing camouflage nets for many years. Knox camouflage nets are produced to customer specification to be used in a specific terrain, such as woodland, desert or arctic.

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    United Kingdom
    Fish Dock Road, Grimsby, DN31 3NW
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