BNS Container

Multipurpose Accommodation Shelters / Work Rooms, ISO Transportation / Storage

BNS deliver container based solutions for military operations. 26 years experience secures well proven, high quality solutions for our customers.

Hook Lift Containers

Hook Lift Container20’ ISO Hook Lift, STANAG 2413

The 20’ ISO Hook lift, STANAG 2413 container can be deployed by hook lift trucks with no need for forklift or crane. This easy and rapid deployment gives the hook lift container its advantages.

The hook lift containers can be delivered as standard 1CC (20’ x 8’ x 8.6’) and a lower version 1C (20’ x 8’ x 8’) for transport in Hercules C-130. All containers are CSC approved.

Multipurpose Accommodation Shelters / Work Rooms

Accommodation Shelter / Work Room20’ Multipurpose STANAG 2413

The 20’ multipurpose container was developed by BNS Container to be a framework for easy deployment and re-configuration. It’s based on the 20’ ISO Hook lift, STANAG 2413.

One multipurpose accommodation shelter may have several furnishing kits and can easily be re-configured, for instance from a medical unit to an office or whatever your needs are at the moment. BNS Container can configure kits for your needs.

Workshop Containers

Workshop ContainerBNS Container has delivered numerous versions of workshop containers. We produce by customer specifications or you can choose from one of our standard configurations.

Our workshop containers can be furnished for all kind of purposes and can be delivered with EMC. Power generator, AC unit and a dry-air unit can be integrated in the system.

ISO Transportation / Storage

Transportation Containers20’ ISO Freight Container / Storage NAMSA spec.

BNS Container can deliver 20’ ISO freight / storage containers with or without side doors through NATO Logistic Stock Exchange (NLSE) according to our frame agreement with NAMSA. The container has extra lashing points and dry-air coupling for connection to external dry-air unit.

The containers are delivered as standard 1CC (20’ x 8’ x 8.6’) or a lower version 1C (20’ x 8’ x 8’) for transport in Hercules C-130. All containers are CSC approved and are available in different RAL colors.

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