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WB Electronics was established in 1998 and is the leading systems integrator and supplier of specialized electronics and communications equipment for Command & Control applications in Land Forces. The company's main areas of activity are software development, system design and integration, the manufacture of computers, terminals, communication systems and the service of deployed products. WB Electronics is also active in the area of military training and simulation.

WB Electronics is an ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 certified company. It has received many awards for its products, and is duly certified by Polish authorities to trade in military equipment on the international markets.

Artillery Fire Control System

The traditional stronghold of WB Electronics is an integrated Field Command and Artillery Fire Control System. Artillery FCS is a multi service automated command and control system of mobile, multi functional communication nodes providing automated planning and execution capabilities to all command posts within Field Artillery Battalion.

This solution, known in the Polish Army under the name TOPAZ, falls into the C4I category. TOPAZ is an advanced field artillery tactical data system supporting all essential field artillery functional areas related to fire missions and command and control tasks. TOPAZ has a universal modular hardware and software structure, allowing for further modification and re-development of the system to meet the requirements of different platforms and command levels. This makes it suitable for deployment in Fire Support Coordination Centers, and for integration with advanced C4I systems up to division level.

Blue Force Tracking Battlefield Management System

Another complex system developed by WB Electronics is Blue Force Tracking Battlefield Management System, built for and employed by Polish Rapid Reaction Forces. Like TOPAZ, it can be adapted to any army needs due to its modularity and flexibility, providing command and control support and increasing situational awareness.

Military Intercom System

WB Electronics' FONET military intercom system can be installed in any track or wheeled vehicle to provide voice and data communication functionality to every individual user. FONET, the digital software controlled VoIP enabled intercom is designed for all military platforms ranging from MBT's, self propelled guns and HMLV's to complex command and EW vehicles.

At the moment WB Electronics has a portfolio containing more than 25 different IT and communications products, each fully licensed with the Ministry of Defense in Poland (NATO member since 1999). Our products can be successfully used in the modernization of armed forces throughout the world, and the company is able to respond quickly and allocate engineering resources to meet customer specifications through additional software and hardware development.

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