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The BASE-X Shelter System is the most advanced lightweight, rapid deploying tactical shelter available today. The unique patented folding frame design gives the system its superior strength and its rapid setup and strike capabilities.

This performance is achieved while keeping the system to a minimum weight and size when packed, making it more mobile and easier to embark. The folding frame locks into a rigid 3D space frame that is supported by a robust leg system. Because of these legs, there are no frame obstructions down the sidewall, allowing for ingress/egress points every 5’.

BASE-X Shelters

The unique features and performance are not limited to the frame. The cover is a well-designed double layer system that gives superior environmental protection and thermal insulation. The outer cover, which is durable and watertight, has provisions for interconnecting all other BASE-X shelters as well as most other shelters and vehicles.

Suspended from inside the frame is a lightweight inner liner that includes pre-wired electrical outlets, an attached air distribution plenum, and an attached floor (all of which are included in the price of the tent).

BASE-X SheltersDuring setup and takedown this liner is quickly connected and disconnected from the frame offering the user many advantages. Most apparent of these advantages is the ability to split the system into smaller, more mobile packages, allowing all of the integrated equipment to be left installed, and allowing easy access of all frame components for maintenance and repair.

The BASE-X system is designed to be maintained, serviced, and operated by the user in the field, without the use of special tools or equipment. The user manual provides all the instruction to perform these functions, and training is provided with initial purchase.

BASE-X ShelterBASE-X Shelters have a proven track record of performance and have provided shelter solutions for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, National Guard, Air National Guard, and many other federal agencies. Current uses include Command and Control, Medical, Communications, and Billeting.

The BASE-X Shelter System has a broad range of support equipment to provide complete solutions for field deployment and mobility of equipment. We work closely with the customer to design the shelter complex and vehicle connections, lighting, heating and cooling, power and power distribution, camouflage and concealment, Chem/Bio protection, and packaging of electronic equipment in Hardigg transit cases.

Integrating shelter systems often results in unique requirements, bringing innovative ideas and customized products. We respond to the needs of deploying in varying environments and threat conditions by designing modifications and new products. These products include custom camouflage systems, Chem/Bio liners, decontamination systems, EMI shielding, and other solutions for whatever needs arise.

BASE-X Shelter SystemHeating and cooling systems are available as stand-alone units or integrated with the power generator on a HMMWV towable trailer. These trailer systems also have cargo space to transport the shelters and accessory equipment.

The Base-X Family of shelters, range in size from personal tents to Corps-level Command & Control complexes. The largest current shelter is 935 sq ft, and can be set up by 8 people in less than 20 minutes without the use of any tools, ladders, or lifting devices.

All of the shelters can be interconnected from door to door, and the end walls can be removed to allow for connecting through a much larger opening. Vehicles can also be connected through the door openings or the end panels. Our sales staff will provide a CAD model of the shelter complex so the customer can visualize the completed configuration.

BASE-X ShelterBea Maurer, Inc. (BMI) has manufactured a broad range of quality products since 1981 to meet the demands of both industry and the military.

These products have included carry cases for:

  • Night vision equipment
  • gas mask carriers
  • computer cases
  • camouflage systems
  • protective covers for aerospace equipment
  • custom tent systems.

During the mid 1980s, BMI began working with the renowned inventor of folding frames, Ted Zeigler.

The result of this collaboration, the BASE-X Expedition Shelter, utilizes Mr. Zeigler’s most innovative, latest generation frame technology. The patented frame technology combined with the design and manufacturing capabilities of BMI keeps the BASE-X Expedition Shelter at the front of the industry.

BASE-X Expedition ShelterToday Bea Maurer, Inc. has assembled a line of products that complement the BASE-X Expedition Shelter and provide complete solutions for Military and Industrial field deployment and mobility.

Bea Maurer, Inc. houses its headquarters and manufacturing in two facilities totaling 86,000 sq. ft. just north of historic Lexington, VA, home of Virginia Military Institute. The manufacturing facility has some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment, such as computerized fabric cutting, radio frequency fabric welding, CAD systems, and programmable sewing machines.

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