Ballistic Protection Suppliers

Browse suppliers of ballistic protection for the military sector, providing a range of products that include clothing and body amour, glass and protective walls.

  • 3M Svenska AB

    Suppliers of Personal Protective and Communications Equipment

    3M Svenska AB provide protective and communications equipment for a range of industries including the military.

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    Box 2341, Värnamo, 331 02
  • DMS Protective Equipment Ltd

    Civil & Military Limb Protection and Riot Shields

    DMS Protective Equipment are an established supplier of civil & military protective equipment in limb protection and riot shields.

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    United Kingdom
    Lingen Road, Ludlow, SY8 1XD
  • International Armored Group

    Armored Personnel Carriers

    International Armored Group provide a wide range of armored vehicles, including armored personnel carriers and armored VIP transport.

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    5840 US 1 HWY South, St Augustine, 32086
  • RUAG

    Military Simulation and Training, Ammunition Manufacture, Heavy Weapons Systems

    RUAG specialise in aerospace and defence technologies. They are the industrial partner to the Swiss military and also maintain the equipment of the Swiss air force.

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    Stauffacherstrasse 65, Niederwangen, CH-3000
  • Transparent Armor Systems

    Manufacturers and Suppliers of Certified Ballistic Glass

    Transparent Armor Systems Manufacture and Supply Certified Ballistic Glass

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    P.O. Box 50060, Ras Al Khaimah, + 971 7 2057676

    Suppliers of Ballistic Guard Booths

    For over 40 years, EUROTRADE have been market leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of prefabricated steel constructions. EUROTRADE specialise in the production of ballistic resistant guard booths.

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    greece, Oinofyta, 320 11
  • Extraspace

    Bulletproof Sentry Boxes, Flatpack Camps and Buildings

    Extraspace deliver a full range of modular and flat-packed buildings including sentry boxes, guardhouses, ballistic havens and camp facilities for the military, humanitarian, security and civilian markets.

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    United Kingdom
    Hobbs Industrial Estate, Newchapel, RH7 6HN
  • Akers Krutbruk

    Dedicated To Saving Lives

    Åkers Krutbruk offer a wide selection of ballistic and mine protection products and services.

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    27 Kvarnbergavägen, Åkers Styckebruk, 647 05
  • American Glass Products

    Bullet and Temperature Resistant Coating

    American Glass Products is an internationally renowned company providing state-of-the-art bullet resistant and security glass.

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    631 American Glass Way, Knoxville, 37932
  • Ankels Supply Co.

    Suppliers of quality Military & Law Enforcement Equipment

    ANKELS Supply Co are a leading trading company based in Saudi Arabia. We specialise in providing quality Military And Law Enforcement Equipment

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    Saudi Arabia
    Riyadh, Riyadh, 11566
  • ArmourWorks International

    Military Vehicle Blast Protection and Armour Systems

    ArmourWorks International design, develop and manufacture a variety of military protection products. The solutions available are all aimed towards the company's main focus - troop survivability.

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    United Kingdom
    26 Bamel Way, Gloucester, GL3 4BH
  • Avon Protection Systems

    Global Market Leader in Respiratory Protection System Technology

    Avon Protection is the recognized global market leader in respiratory protection system technology. They specialize primarily in the Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighting and Industrial sectors.

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    Suite F, Belcamp, MD 21017
  • Benteler Armor Solutions

    BSEC Steel Protection Plates and Formed Components, Fibre Materials

    Benteler Armor Solutions supply a range of armor materials and provide armored system development.

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    Frachtstraße 10-16, Bielefeld, 33602
  • Bollé Tactical

    Ballistic Goggles, Spectacles and Sunglasses

    Bollé Tactical are a specialist supplier of protective eyeware offering a full range of ballistic goggles, spectacles and sunglasses.

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    95, rue Louis Guérin, Saint-Chamond, 69100
  • Buffers Marine AB

    Ballistic Floatation Vests, Military Carrying Bags and Travel Packs

    Diving And Survival Equipment, Ballistic Floatation Vests And Rib Boats.

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    Fabriksvägen, Vallentuna, 186 32
  • Carat Security Group

Armored Executive, Off Road and Tactical Vehicles

    Specializing in both military and commercial armored vehicles for nearly 135 years, Carat solutions perform in the toughest conditions on earth.

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    Rue Winston-Churchill, Bressoux, 4020
  • Essex Safety Glass

    Certified Fire, Blast and Bullet Resistant Glass Products

    ESG offer a range of bulletproof, and fire and blast resistant products developed by their in-house research and development team and certified by a range of bodies throughout Europe.

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    United Kingdom
    ESG Ltd, 1-3, Witham, CM8 3UQ
  • Global Armour Limited

    Body Armour, Ballistic Helmets, EOD Bomb Disposal Suit

    Global Armour Limited is a life protection equipment manufacturer, providing a selection of military body armour, ballistic helmets, EOD bomb disposal suits, and hard armour plates.

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    Northern Ireland
    Lissue Industrial Estate West, Lisburn, BT28 2XF
  • Micaply Defence

    Micaply offer a range of ballistic protection equipment for the defence market.

    Micaply Defence offer a range of equipment to protect invaluable personnel from the risks of ballistic warfare. These range from ballistic helmets, through to IED protection.

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    23 - 24 New Sector, Phase II,, BHOPAL, 462046
  • MKU

    Suppliers of Military Personal Protection Equipment

    MKU is one of the most prominent producers of military and paramilitary personal protection solutions, including ballistic body armour and de-mining suits, in the world.

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    26/72-D Birhana Road, Kanpur, 208 001
  • Phoenicia America-Israel

    Forced Entry Glass Protection Solutions and Ballistic Products

    Phoenicia America-Israel supply bullet resistant glass for military and civilian applications.

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    Tsipori Industrial Zone, P.O.B 703 , Nazareth, 17053
  • Scanfiber Composites A/S

    Light Weight Vehicle Ballistic, Mine and IED Protection

    Scanfiber Composites A/S use advanced fiber composite technology to produce lightweight ballistic armor for the military.

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    Niels Bohrs Vej 11, Sindal, DK-9870
  • Schott North America

    High Quality Glass and Ceramic Products

    Schott North America produce a range of glass and glass ceramic products for the defense and security industries including force protection products, fiber optics and hermetically sealed packaging.

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    2451 Crystal Drive, Arlington, 22202
  • unival Group

    DWJ1 Jamming System

    unival group specialize in providing advanced security technologies such as blast protection and digital jamming systems.

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    AM Hofgarten 4, Bonn, 53113
  • Westwood International

    Commercial Fire Extinguishers and NVS7 Night Vision Goggles

    Bullet-proof vests, Helmets, Boots, Delsar Life Detector and Night Vision Goggles which have been used by both National and International Agencies as well as bespoke services in the industrial safety.

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    United Kingdom
    287 Romford Road , London, E7 9HJ
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