Army Smock (Desert or Woodland Camo)

Cooneen Watts and Stone

Cooneen Watts and Stone supply the UK MOD with over 150 individual items. The products are created to Military standards and there is a product development programme ensuring continuing improvement of existing products and the introduction of new ones. Through this system Cooneen Watts and Stone have provided and improved their range of windproof combat smocks.

Windproof Smock

Windproof SmockOne of the smocks available is this windproof Smock with woodland camouflage manufactured using gabardine cotton, 2 x 2 twill. 

Additional Features:

  • Fully Lined Hood
  • 8 Pockets (4 Front Pockets)
  • Drawcord for the hood Waist and hem


Army Smock

Military personnel will have to perform military operations in very different operating environments. The range of combat smocks from Cooneen Watts and Stone covers many of the different scenarios taking into account the difference in battlefield and climatic environments.

This windproof combat smock provides warmth and protection in cold conditions and comes in woodland or desert disruptive patterned camouflage. The smock is manufactured using plain weave cotton polyester. 

Additional Features

  • 7 Pockets (4 Front Pockets)
  • Attached Hood, fully lined
  • Drawcord for the hood, waist and hem


Snipers SmockSniper uniforms have different characteristics to that of an ordinary solider due to the fighting style needed to perform sniper missions. Cooneen Watts and Stone have created this snipers smock to cover the snipers requirements.

The Snipers’ Smock comes fitted with protective polychloroprene pads to protect the front shoulder area, elbows and wrists from the weapon recoil and reduce stress on the body when aiming. 

In the field of battle snipers may need extra cover to ensure they do not themselves become a target and need complete camouflage to carry out their given mission, whether they are helping to provide fire support, observation or targeting. Therefore the Snipers smock comes fitted with nineteen camouflaged loops so that additional camouflage can be added. It may be in the form of foliage, branches or other locally found objects.  

The snipers smock has been manufactured from 70% cotton and 30% polyester (270 GM per sq metre). Good flexibility is possible as it is made from satin weave fabric and the design features a water repellent finish in Woodland DPM.

Additional Features:

  • Electro Plated Carbon Steel Sling Clips on each sleeve
  • Crotch Strap
  • Heavy Duty Knitted Cuffs


Parachutists SmockThe parachutist’s smock is manufactured with 70% cotton and 30% polyester (270 GM per sq metre). The flexibility found in the snipers smock is also a feature of this Parachutists Smock using satin weave fabric.

Additional Features:

  • Knitted cuffs
  • Skirt pocket
  • Crotch strap
  • 4 Front Pockets
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