Cooneen Watts and Stone Range of Military Jumpers

Cooneen Watts and Stone

Cooneen Watts and Stone supply the British forces with a wide range of military jumpers for an array of applications. For consistent performance the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) laboratories rigorously test all garments. Examples of some of the different task oriented tops available are; regular working dress jumpers, tops to be worn under body armour, jumpers for use in extreme cold weather and flight deck jerseys.

Military Jumpers

For everyday non-combat tasks Cooneen Watts and Stone supply a range of military jumpers. These jumpers are designed to be warm and very hard wearing. They feature protective sections for the lower arm area and a shoulder attachment for epaulettes. These jumpers are available in olive green, grey/blue, black and navy blue. Variations of this jumper are used for military and police uniform.

Military JumperUnder Body Armour ShirtWinter Combat ShirtFlight Deck Jerseys

Under Body Armour Shirt

The under body armour shirt has been designed to be worn under military body armour. The top features disruptive pattern camouflage on the arm sections and adjustable cuffs to ensure an exact fit. The elbow sections are padded to protect the soldier from the inevitable knocks they are going to sustain whilst in combat. The torso section features a high wicking sweat management system; this is of great use in desert combat situations. The top is also available in woodland disruptive pattern material.

Winter Combat Shirt

The winter combat shirt from Cooneen Watts and Stone is made to retain as much of your body heat as possible whilst allowing the skin to breathe. This is made possible by utilising moisture wicking technology. The top is intended to be worn under military uniform without any noticeable bulkiness or restriction in movement. It also features a high zip up neck to aid keeping as much warmth in as possible.

Flight Deck Jerseys

Working as ground crew on an aircraft carrier is an intense and high-pressure environment where mistakes can be catastrophic. Cooneen Watts and Stone have produced a range of high quality flight deck jerseys. The jerseys come in a variety of designs and colours to designate the differing roles of the ground crew. This helps all flight deck personnel to work quickly and safely.

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