Cooneen Watts and Stone

Army Combat Uniforms and Clothing

Cooneen Watts & Stone have a proven track record for the supply of uniform clothing, expertly specified for a diversity of applications. Globally our customers include Military, police and security forces that rely on our high quality products. With a supply chain extended across seven countries allowing competitive prices and a reliable delivery.

Cooneen Watts and stone should be your first choice for Military uniform and clothing. Our range of uniforms and clothing include:

Military Issue Clothing

Military Issue ClothingOur range of military issue clothing and other uniforms are made to the highest quality. Our control systems and procedures are accredited to ISO 9001:2000. The product development program we run also means that we continuously improve our product range as well as the introduction of new items. The uniforms and clothing camouflage designs come in woodland camouflage or tropical desert camouflage.

Army Combat Uniforms

One of the main markets to Cooneen Watts and Stone is the supply of army combat uniforms to armies and military organisations across the world. Not only do we supply tactical uniforms used for combat scenarios but other everyday items such as underwear, sports tops, and even pyjamas. Please see the links above for a selection of clothing and uniforms.

Military Uniform: Jackets

Tactical JacketsOur tactical jacket range includes lightweight jackets for different climates and battlefield scenarios. For example our field jackets are created for woodland or desert for use in different temperature extremes. The tactical jackets produced are to be worn with other garments of the integrated combat clothing system. As well as this tactical jacket Cooneen Watts and Stone offer field, tracksuits, RAF and nurses jackets.

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